Magical Brooklyn Wedding

All the details came together perfectly for this Brooklyn Summer Wedding. Ceremony and reception held at Deity Brooklyn Wedding venue. And With Photos brilliantly captured by one our faves Love like Ours Photography. We could keep going, but Who better than to explain the big day than the Bride herself! Here is what she had to say:
Describe your wedding day: Our wedding day was, magical. Hectic but magical lol. There were some details that didn’t get Executed  the way I had planned just because of time and I had no idea I’d get so swept up and not be able to be my usual micromanagey self lol.  

Was there something that surprised you on your wedding day? The bridal suite! I hadn’t had the opportunity to see it when we first toured the venue because it was in use at that time, but my goodness it was magnificent and such a beautiful backdrop for getting ready, and it was awesome that it was fully stocked lol.

 If you had to pick one favorite memory from that day what would that be? my favorite memory was seeing my husband on the rooftop during our first look. I was so nervous going up the stairs to meet him and I had no idea I would be. We’ve been together 10 years! I’ve seen him a million times before. But that day, He looked extra amazing And when he saw me, the little glimmer of tear in his eye was just ugh, I’ll never forget it that moment. Oh! And when he was surprised with the pizza! I was so happy that surprise was actually  pulled off with you guys help! I suck at surprises and I’m so glad it went off perfectly!

Whose help did you enlist the most? Deity for sure! The staff there was extraordinary! Literally thinking of everything before I could even think of it. Everything I even thought to mention, they already had a note or already took care of. 
What was your crowd like? The elders were definitely the dancing crowd. When the Spanish music came on, forget it! They took off ! Everyone raved about the food too! It really was delish! My tummy was in such Knots from all the commotion I couldn’t stuff my face the way I wanted to.

Was there a particular detail that a vendor did for you that was special? I had given Aurea (owner @flowerbodega) my father’s favorite shirt to wrap my bouquet with. (He passed in December) She had only snipped a bit off the hem to use to wrap it and placed the in tact shirt on the seat where he would have sat at the ceremony, beautifully folded with a white boutonnière pinned to it. When we did the rehearsal and I saw it there I had no idea it would be there and it was so thoughtful and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. That little detail made me feel like he was really there with us that day.

How did you find and decide on Deity as your Wedding Venue? We found Deity on a google search, it had come up on like secret awesome wedding venues in NYC, blog. (Wish I could remember the exact one). We had seen soooo many places and they were all very ‘wedding’. Those uplit halls and that whole vibe we knew just wasn’t us and not want we wanted. We were at our wits end with the process and Deity was the last stop on our list of venues we had amassed. The moment we walked in we knew we would get married there. It was exactly the mood and the vibe we wanted: intimate, cozy, moody, rustic and with an old world/vintage charm.

A special thanks to all the vendors!
Photos: Love Like Ours
Venue: Deity Wedding Venue
 hair: @jbeautynyc (personal friend)
Flowers: @flowerbodega (personal friend)
Makeup: (personal friend)
Cake : @sweetconfectionsbyjenny
Bride Dress: David’s bridal 
Groom suit: @institchu

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