Timeless NYC Wedding

This timeless, classic Wedding at Deity Events in NYC gets everything right. From the dramatic lighting from David Perlman Photography to the soft floral decor provided by Rosehip Social Florists. All in all what you expect from a beautifully executed Big Day. Here is what the Bride herself had to say about the experience:

Carlos and I wanted something timeless, classic, and totally New York. We met in NYC, and it was where we got to know each other and where we fell in love. It was really important to us both that our special day reflected the city that was most important to us. We had initially looked at a venue outside of NY, and it did NOT feel right. One thing that Carlos and I love to do is entertain, and we are huge foodies. We knew this would be something that we wanted to share with our guests as well. All of our friends know to expect a party, and only the best food, so we wanted our wedding day to reflect everything that Carlos and I love most!

Was there something that surprised you on your wedding day? For months and months we planned and organized. Every spare seconds seemed to be consumed with something related to wedding planning. What surprised me the most for our wedding day, was how smoothly everything ran. All of those meetings, emails and schedules meant that everything was already decided and locked into place. There were none of those last minute “oh no, what do we do about this!?” questions. Every single thing had been thought of, and if it wasn’t initially someone at Deity was sure to ask beforehand!! From planning to day of, the team at Deity were on top of everything. And to make it even better, not only did things run like clockwork, but we didn’t feel rushed. It felt natural how things progressed from one part of the day to the next.

If you had to pick one favorite memory from that day what would that be? One moment that was super important to me as a bride was having a quick and quiet private moment with my Mom. Before everyone saw me in my dress, I invited my mother into the loft space and we had a special moment. My father passed away years ago, and it was really important to share this sweet moment with her.

That said, the first look by far was the most special to us. We were both a little anxious about the entire day, but having that moment to look into each other’s eyes and begin it together set everything at ease. Not only was it a beautiful moment between us as a couple, it was also so lovely to have had it in the loft space. What a beautiful space to have these photos taken!

Whose help did you enlist the most? The wedding planning was definitely a team effort. Carlos and I worked closely together but Caio was there every step of the way. The biggest questions, or smallest ones were sent to Caio via email and he always super helpful and quick to respond. One example of how he took this help to another level was when we got some questions from the florist about setting up. Instead of passing questions back and forth via the different parties, he took it upon himself to reach out directly to them and sort everything out.

What was your crowd like? Dancing crowd? Foodies? We had a bit of everything at our wedding, but everyone knows what big foodies Carlos and I are, and how much we love to entertain. Our guests knew to expect a good time, and some great food!

Was there a particular detail that a vendor did for you that was special? David, our photographer, was such an amazing personality. I was super worried about how all of the family photos would turn out. I have some family members who like to hide during the photos! David was able to pull everyone out of their shell, make them feel comfortable and bring out their smiles! His energy kept going through hours and hours of our big day. Looking at those photos allow us to relive the best moments, brings a tear to the sweet moments, and laugh like our guests did.

How did you find and decide on Deity as your Wedding Venue? After we got engaged, I knew that finding a venue would be the first thing we needed to do. I have always thought that the venue really helps set the tone of how the event will come together. After reading some wedding blogs, and searching for something that would be quintessentially New York, I filled out an intake/request form for Deity. I actually held off on contacting other venues for a little while hoping to hear back from Deity. A few days went by without any news, and one night, out of the blue Carlos and I got a phone call. Caio called us personally to tell us there was a small issue with the intake forms, and he wanted to personally call us to reach out. This simple act of such dedication and sincerity for his business was a refreshing surprise! We promptly set up time to tour the venue, which Caio promised to show us personally; not something he does all the time we later found out!

It was during that tour that the deal was really solidified. Carlos and I feel strongly about personal connections, and we felt that immediately with Caio. We know that we could trust him, and that this event would be taken personally as a reflection of his promise. We didn’t even need to think about it before we committed to the date, and we are SO GLAD that we did. Everything was amazing. I emailed him countless times with big and small questions. He was more than helpful every step of the way, and even added additional advice when he could. I felt like he was my wedding planning ally and I appreciated every speedy response! I don’t think we could have found anyone who would have made us more comfortable and that we could trust implicitly. Truly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for making the day everything that it was.

Thanks to all these Vendors!

Photographer: David Perlman Photography

Venue, Catering, and Coordination: Deity Events

Officiant: Common Ground Ceremonies – Rev. Samora

Florist: Rosehip Social

Cake: Aloria Cakes and Gourmet Sweets

Makeup: Bethany Petersen

Hair: Scarlett

Alison’s shoes: Badgley Mischka

Carlos’ suit: Indochino

Carlos’ socks: The Tie Bar

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