Stunning New Year’s Wedding in Brooklyn

Can you think of a more fabulous way to get married than on New Year’s Eve 2020? This couple did it up in style at this stunning Deity Brooklyn Wedding! Capturing the magic was Taryn from the photography team Love Like Ours. From the gorgeous and modern dress by Jenny Yoo, to the adorable fur baby ring bearer. As well as the out of this world decor (a chuppah by the Groom!) and flowers by Floral Heights. And ending on a sweet note with an Art Deco Wedding made by a friend. This wedding got all the details right. We asked the Bride herself to describe her big day and she gave us the low down here:

It was a sunny cold December day.  I got ready in the suite with some of my best friends and my mom.  We brought in hair and makeup people (who were fabulous!), bagels, lox and all the fixings.  It was a joyous, relaxed, fun morning.  Danny came over to Deity around 2:30 pm for our First Look, which we did just outside the front gate of the venue.  It was so sweet and perfect for us there, friends peeping in from the windows above.

How did you find and decide on Deity as your Wedding Venue? We live only a couple blocks away, so we had walked by the space several times and it had peaked our interest.  After we got engaged, I went on the website and fell in love from there, but walking in sealed the detail.  All the details of the interior plus that gorgeous Suite, I knew immediately it was my ideal venue.  Plus all our out of town friends and family got to see the neighborhood where Danny and I have built our life.  And that was super special to us.

We then hopped in a cab to head to the water front with our photographer for an hour or so and took some really fun shots of just the two of us along the brooklyn bridge park and inside the shops and restaurants over there.  It was so nice to have this hour to be together on the day.  Just seeing each other and having one on one time before everything began.  When we got back, our videographer arrived, we did a little walking on the street with him and then it was time for family photos in the ceremony space.  We then got about 40 minutes to ourselves with our officiant, our dear friend David Ross, in the suite, which was so nice and so grounding.

Was there a particular detail that a vendor did for you that was special? Our photographer was only contracted through 12:15 am, just after the midnight celebration.  But because people were still using the photo booth and she was having the best time, she stayed til the very end!  Past 1 am!  And we got shots all the way up til then!  Plus the guests got to use the photo booth the whole time.  She was the sweetest, kindest, most talented person and simply went above and beyond.

Our wedding took place under a chuppah that Danny made himself, with two musicians.  We began with an irreverent and lovely John Pryne song, “In Spite of Ourselves” and then walked in to Ella Fitzgerald’s “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”  The ceremony was so special and so “us” it just st off the tone for the rest of the night.  Everyone was in the best of spirits, including us and our families, which was so key and so special.  The rest of the night was just a true, joyous celebration of this special, full of love and laughs, ceremony.  We whisked upstairs right after with our officiant and two best friends who signed the marriage license as our witnesses, a really special moment.  The Deity staff popped a bottle of prosecco for us all to share, which was so lovely.  And as they left, we were brought up all the food items from the cocktail hour.  This was SO KEY for me as I was absolutely starving at this point, not having been able to eat much before this.  Danny and I got a lovely 15 minutes to ourselves to eat, drink, and relish in all that had just transpired.

If you had to pick one favorite memory from that day what would that be? One of our top memories was the moment after the ceremony when we, our officiant, and our two best friends who were also giving speeches later in the evening, came upstairs with us to sign the marriage license all together.  Our friends were still absolutely sobbing from the cremony, something that touched us so much.  They were so moved and overjoyed, that the tears wouldn’t stop flowing.  Then we all got to cheers together, this small beautiful community, to celebrate what had just happened.  And I remember specifically the moment the last person signed and it was all “official.”  What a special time.

Then dinner, amazing speeches by our witnesses and best friends, right in to a ton of dancing!  A huge NYE count down at midnight, and a ton of people still on the dance floor all the way to closing at 1 am!  What a joyous, beautiful, magical day.

Was there something that surprised you on your wedding day? We were surprised by how many guests stayed on the dance floor all night!  Pretty much everyone stayed til midnight, and a ton of people danced the night away til 1 am!  That cellar level is so conducive to an amazing dance party.  I was also surprised by how present I was able to stay throughout the night.  People always say your wedding night flies by, and it’s true, but because I trusted that the Deity staff had everything taken care of and would tell me when the next thing was happening, etc. I was just present in each moment of the evening.  Not worrying about what was to come or what I needed to do.  It was such a gift4.     Whose help did you enlist the most? Your partner’s, mom’s, sister’s, friend’s, Deity?Definitely each other’s.  Danny and I pretty much planned the entire event and all the details ourselves.  From Danny making the chuppah, to me designing the signs and florals, we worked together and created the night of our dreams.  But we were only able to pull it all off because Deity helped us immensely!  Guiding us and answering all questions before hand (and bringing up details and necessities we hadn’t even thought of!) as well as being so on top of everything running unbelievably smoothly the night of.

What was your crowd like? Dancing crowd? Foodies? I would say it was a combo, but they were definitely there to party.  To celebrate intensely.  When we exited the ceremony, they umped to their fet and cheered, when we entered for cocktail hour, wild applause, when we entered for dinner, they were on their feet cheering, and same when we came down for our first dance.  At every point, this crowd was there to CELEBRATE.  Love, a new year, and the joy that surrounded them

Let’s talk about the Vendors:

Flowers – Charlotte at Floral Heights

Hair – Julia Mannino

Makeup – Rashad Taylor

Dress – Jenny Yoo

Photographer – Teryn at Love Like Ours

Videographer – Christian at Natura Collective

Cake – our friend Eden Malyn

Cookie Bar – One Girl Cookies

Chuppah – Danny  ; )

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