Roaring 20’s are Here Again!

It’s the 20’s again! And we couldn’t be more excited to re-live our favorite style decade. We have some tips on how to throw your own on-point 20’s themed Wedding or Event. Deity Events in Brooklyn just happens to be an Art Deco era and style, landmarked NYC building. This all inclusive venue is here to house all of your Event needs. This perfect example of a 20’s style Wedding was shot by photographer Cheyanna De Nicola.

Make your crew feel like “the bee’s knees” by renting out the Bridal Suite at Deity Eventsto get ready for the big day. Hiring a professional hair and make-up team to help achieve the right look so they don’t have stress about it.

Have a Dress Code. Give your friends and family some guidelines to follow like sequins, fringe, flapper headbands, faux fur shrugs and feathers for the ladies. Bow ties, vests, pocket squares and newsboy caps for the men.

Get your signage made with with the Great Gatsby font to really make them pop. Make your guests truly experience it the old times way and have an Unplugged Ceremony. Hire an unplugged musician to help set the mood!

This special 20’s themed Wedding used Brooklyn florists Rosehip Socialand NYC based Balloon Saloon for decor. The couple then made up their own signage and drink names to complete the look!

And make sure to have Have Fun! Do the Charleston. Drink Champagne! It’s the Roaring 20’s old pals!

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