A Musical Brooklyn Wedding

It’s hard to ignore the energy and magic of this Musical Wedding at Deity Brooklyn Event Venue. These two decided to make their ceremony extra special by creating a musical version of their vows. Capturing the spirit of this unique couple in photos is Robert Carlo. The live action version was filmed by Colleen Kwok. This cannot be missed!

We asked Rachel and Sam to share their thoughts about their Wedding. Here is what this glorious pair had to say their Big Day at Deity!

Describe your wedding day: Our wedding day was a  joyful explosion of family, friends, and music. We’ve never felt so many feelings all at the same time or felt so loved! It was a complete magical blur.

Was there something that surprised you on your wedding day?
Sam: On the day of our wedding, one of my groomspeople, Juliana, offered Preparation H to the group, saying it relieves “eye bag swelling.” So what’s the worst that can happen? I’ll try it! Cut to: my face is swollen and red and apparently I have a Preparation H allergy I didn’t know about!  Of course, with some time and the magic of makeup… all was resolved and we got a fun story out of it.

Rachel: I was surprised at the “out of body” feeling I was experiencing – and the nerves as well.  As a career performer, I thought I’d be calm and easy peasy but the nerves and excitement made my whole body feel crazy! Sam has always been the person who makes me the most calm. So – once he showed up and we saw each other at our first look photos, I immediately felt back to my normal self! Once we arrived to the venue, my performer instincts kicked in and the nerves were completely gone. I was excited and ready to get “the show” started!

 If you had to pick one favorite memory from that day what would that be? The ceremony was the best 30 minutes of our lives. We surprised our friends and family with a “musical” ceremony that the two of us wrote together. Once the first chord was strummed, and the singing began – the whole room’s energy changed. We knew our ceremony would be memorable but we didn’t expect to hear “ENCORE!” shouted at our wedding and for that, we are very proud.

 Here is the video of just the musical components

Whose help did you enlist the most? Rachel: Definitely my parents but most of all, our friends.  And we relied on Deity for everything on the day of. What was your crowd like? Dancing and boozing Was there a particular detail that a vendor did for you that was special? Our friends added so many beautiful little touches. My best friend’s mother, Jodi, handmade incredible boutonnieres (shaped like guitars!) that added the perfect touch to our (surprise musical) wedding day. Our friend, Rebecca, made all of the bridesmaid bouquets for us. She isn’t a “vendor” – or even a florist  herself – just a very creative and talented lady! After sharing some Pinterest photos, we went to Trader Joes at Dekalb and met with their flower specialist, Stacia, who helped us put in an order. Then, the day before the wedding, Rebecca put together those gorgeous bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids. They turned out absolutely incredible. Since Deity is so pretty on its own, the flowers were really the only “outside decor” we brought in.

How did you find and decide on Deity as your Wedding Venue? We found Deity through good old fashioned Google. The funny thing though, is that we had already been looking for weeks without Deity appearing in our searches – due to some kind of website error that Deity was experiencing. One evening, exhausted from it all, I decided to do one last search – and boom – Deity popped up. I clicked on it and saw the photos and knew immediately that it looked like a very “us” place to get married. We live in Brooklyn but had mainly been looking at venues outside of the city (Long Island and Connecticut.) I  wasn’t too picky about a wedding venue except that I knew I didn’t want to get married in a big, cold, ballroom space. I wanted something that felt cozier or more rustic than that. Bricks and string lights and wood… Deity struck the perfect balance of a classy but approachable aesthetic that we loved – and that “look” was definitely the first thing that drew us to Deity as our wedding venue. Then, meeting Caio kind of sealed the deal, as he just seemed to answer all of our questions before we even asked them. It didn’t hurt that we realized Caio was from a town over from Sam’s tiny hometown 3000 miles away in Oregon! In the end, that website “error” was a gift for us! We know that Deity is a very popular wedding spot but due to that short period of time the website was down, Deity was able to offer us some prime wedding dates that normally would’ve been snagged for sure. We chose a date less than 6 months away  – and in the autumn, which is definitely my favorite wedding season! I never wanted a long engagement or a year and a half of planning – so getting that date was just perfect.

Thanks to all of the Vendors!

Venue & Catering: Deity NYC 

Makeup and Hair: Kim Nicole at KNC Concepts 

Photography: Robert Carlo

Dessert: The Sweetery Boston  

Dress: BHLDN 

Video: Colleen Kwok

Flowers: were from Trader Joes and bouquets put together by a friend

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