Brooklyn Summer Wedding

Best Day Ever!!!

Review from this Real Deity Wedding:

I can’t even begin to explain how pleased my wife and I are with Deity. On 6-1-19 we were wed at Deity. I wish there was a word to fully explain our feelings toward Deity. So I guess I will have to settle and use the word PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! Thank You to Caio, KiKi, Melissa , Anna and everyone else involved. You guys can’t imagine how special/exceptional(I’m still trying to find the words) you made our day. We nor our family and friends have stopped talking about it. From beginning to end it was the best ever. Might I add that everyone was blown away by how beautiful the venue was. Not to mention the fluidity of it all. you guys made it look effortless. To this day we are still flabbergasted with it all. Like most people, we were nervous because after all THIS IS THE DAY!!!! I guess Caio picked up on this because I distinctly remember him saying ” This is what we do, and you won’t be disappointed ” So with that said…….. you were 300% right on point. What was most important to me as I had expressed to you was that my wife have the best day of her life. And that she doesn’t have to lift a finger for it to happen. WOW!!!! You guys delivered in spades.My highlight of the day came when we retired t the bridal suite for the night and I asked my wife of a few hours ” how do you feel?” She said I feel FULL!!!! What more can a husband ask for? Truthfully, I might have written a review once or twice in my life but there is no way I wasn’t gonna tell the world how special Deity is. With that said we want to thank Deity from the bottom of our hearts for an absolutely, beautiful, wonderful, and perfect day.
Mitchell and Zakia


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