Romantic Wedding Photography in Brooklyn

Looking for your perfect Wedding Photographer? Well look no further! Let us introduce you to Brooklyn-based Cheyanna De Nicola. She believes that wedding photographs should make you feel something, and to create memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of time. These photos from a recent Great Gatsby themed Wedding at Deity Events speak for themselves. With a little help from local florists Rosehip Social for decor and greenery. As well as the and the professional staff at Deity Wedding Venue, Cheyanna was able to pull off these epic “Golden Hour” photos of this fabulous couple.

We picked this talented artist’s brain with a few questions to see how she goes about getting those unforgettable shots:

How did you get your start in Wedding Photography? I sort of fell into wedding photography- in fact, I told myself I’d never, ever be a wedding photographer. I was working full time at an NGO when I bought my first DSLR camera, and I started shooting couples just for fun while I taught myself the ins and outs of my camera and photography. After that I started doing paid sessions, and it snowballed from there, and eventually those couples began asking me to shoot their weddings. I totally thought that I’d hate the first wedding I shot, but I ended up LOVING it, and now here I am, a full time wedding photographer. 

What is your favorite kind of Wedding to shoot? I love shooting intimate weddings, where everyone is just fully present around the couple. I also really enjoy when my couples throw tradition to the wind and design their wedding truly around who they are as people, and the things they cherish. As a photographer, I always feel like the more non-traditional and personal a wedding is, the more I’m able to really tell their story through my images. 

Any fun anecdotes about special moments between a couple? Consider getting ready togetherThere are so many intimate moments that happen between a couple as they’re getting ready together, and helping each other get dressed, and I think it’s such an amazing way to start the day.

How do you deal with bad weather? Honestly, I love rain on a wedding day. Weather shouldn’t ever squash a wedding day vibe. If it’s raining, I always bring clear umbrellas for my couple (they’re super photogenic), so that we can still go outside for photos as we normally would. I also encourage my couples not to stress if their dress or suit gets a bit wet. 

Any advice about having a Wedding at an unusual venue like Deity? Non-traditional or unusual wedding venues are the best. Run with it!  Put personal touches on all the nooks and corners and make it feel like a true experience for your guests. 

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