NYC Bar & Bat Mitzvahs for Twins!

Double the fun at this NYC Bar and Bat Mitzvah for twins. Held at Deity Events Space, which just so happens to be a former Synagogue. This epic and special day was captured by photographer Marielle Solan. The ceremony was held on site, performed by local favorite Rabbi Darren Levine. Music was led for the ceremony by guitarist Adam Kohane. After the ceremony, the celebration started on the dance floor, with Rhythm of the Night providing the entertainment. Delicious catering provided by Deity’s in-house Chef Kary Kippins. Ending on a sweet note with cake by One Girl Cookies and  ice cream bar by the venue.

Here is what beautiful Mom, Shira

“You have no idea what you’re in for if you decide to have an event at Deity. Perfection through and through and I am a total party snob and very critical. In fact, everyone I know, basically said this was the most incredible party they have been to for so many reasons. First, This wasn’t a wedding but a Bar/Bat Mitzvah which is arguably a much harder event to pull off. The older people/parents are just not into what the kids are into. They want to talk with great food and good acoustics and excellent cocktails. Deity made all of this happen ten fold. BUT they also want to party albeit briefly, and that is something that’s totally special about this space. You can separate the people you hate from the people you like, LOL. The kids were in heaven because they basically had their own party.”

“Everyone has a family member that needs help, the stairs are daunting for some, but Ciao literally stood next to my 87 year old mom and made sure she could navigate without an issue. This is important so the host doesn’t have to worry that someone is going to die Seriously, I met with Ciao and his team several times through the planning and he bent over backwards to meet my schedule and be there for all my questions. And I might add that even if you think you’re being crazy with the questions, he has heard them all and stays chill and very positive which was needed for sure. The food is excellent and the service seriously top notch. I ran events like the after party at the Emmy’s and this was as polished and great. I can’t say enough great things. And it’s totally beautiful. If you like things that are going to make an impression, That are not cookie cutter where many generations of friends will be comfortable, this is your place. I stand by it.”

“This was a year of many parties for my kids and theirs stood out as unique, beautiful, delicious and very New York. Cheers to a great party. Superb staff. The owner understands how important and expensive it is to host a great event and let’s you feel that you don’t need a party planner. And I didn’t mention that you really don’t need much, if any decorations because the candles and twinkly lights sort of due the trick.”

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