Pretty in Pink Brooklyn Wedding

Pretty in Pink Brooklyn Wedding. Melina and Luis’ big day was one the first signs of spring in March 2019. After a rather short engagement, this couple enlisted the help of venue Deity NYC and photographer Jenny Lebron to pull off this rose-colored event. The couple got gorgeous shots at the Brooklyn Bridge before heading over to the venue for a ceremony The pink, DIY decor provided a fresh backdrop for the “I do’s” Followed by a reception by Deity Catering that had guests noshing on an eclectic mix of food like shrimp ceviche, mini cuban sandwiches, chicken & waffle bites, and Greek pastry- spanakopita. The night ended with a glorious cupcake spread by Brooklyn Cupcake, including special vegan treats especially for the Bride.

What better way to get a feeling for this Brooklyn Wedding, then to hear from Melina, the Bride, herself!

Describe your wedding day. “Our wedding day was in one word, magical. Each moment was beautiful on its own and it all came together to create one of the happiest days of our lives. When we started planning our day, we knew we wanted it to be small and intimate because we wanted to be able to remember every aspect of that day. The amount of love we felt throughout the day was unforgettable and we wish we could go back and do it all over again.”

Was there something that surprised you on your wedding day? “What actually surprised me the most was how calm I was. Luis is usually cool as a cucumber, so there was no surprise there. However, I am usually worried about everything. Miraculously, I was calm from the moment I woke up. My mom said it was all the prayers she prayed that I’d be calm and composed that helped. Those who  know me very well also commented on how calm I was. I think it was just the excitement and anticipation of the day that kept the anxiety at bay. I thought for sure I’d be sad thinking about my twin sister who passed away in 2013 and I was worried that missing her would overshadow how incredibly happy I was on my wedding day. I’m so grateful that even though she was very present in my mind and heart, that I just focused on how she would have wanted me to only be happy on that day. I added a charm to my bridal bouquet with a picture of us. It was a sweet touch in her honor.”

If you had to pick one favorite memory from that day what would that be? “Ok, this is tough, but I would have to say the first look my husband and I were able to have. Wow! He was so handsome when I first saw him. It was like falling in love all over again. Luis says I was so beautiful and his face just lit up when he saw me. Having those first few moments to take those first photos is something we will never forget. The other favorite memory is definitely walking down the aisle. It was so surreal and I was so overwhelmed with joy and happiness that I couldn’t stop crying. Seeing all of my friends and family and walking down with my parents towards my husband just overwhelmed me. Those two moments stand out the most for me.”

Whose help did you enlist the most? “Luis was extremely helpful in the planning, even though he let me handle all of the details. My maid of honor Kaia was the person who helped me bring this all together. She worked tirelessly to make sure we had the most beautiful day. I must add that she lives in Minnesota and that did not stop her from being there for us every step of the way. Everyone who helped us plan would agree that Kaia is the real MVP! She is just an incredible person and friend and there is truly no one like her on this planet!”

What was your crowd like? “Our crowd was super chill. Our family and friends are all very friendly and social and even though we didn’t have a traditional party, people were very much enjoying great conversations and catching up with one another. Everyone raved about the food and the cupcakes.”

Talk about your vendors. “We had a short engagement and we decided to only hire someone for photography and cake. They were by far one two of the sweetest people we have ever met. Our photographer,  Jenny Lebron is so talented and she was able to capture some of the most beautiful moments of our wedding day. She moved so effortlessly throughout the day and it’s evident in the wedding album. I am obsessed with the photos and can’t stop myself from showing off her work. I am so grateful that I found her and would highly, highly, recommend her to anyone who is looking for a photographer.

Jenny made my wedding photo dreams come true when she was able to take some photos of Luis and I in front of the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO. When I first saw this picture I was just blown away. It was actually the photo Luis and I decided to use for our thank you cards for our guests. It’s also the wallpaper for my phone’s locked screen. I will never forget that moment as tourists looked on as we took photos. One little girl even called me a princess when she saw me. It was exactly how I felt on that day.”

And the cake? “We decided to go with Brooklyn Cupcake for our cupcake tower. I’ve always loved the idea of everyone just helping themselves to a cupcake instead of slices of cake. Carmen Rodriguez, the CEO, was so accommodating and allowed us to go in for a tasting since I am on a vegan diet and was interested in having a small vegan cake. Luis tested out the cakes for the guests and I chose the vegan French toast cake with a cashew buttercream. Oh my goodness! It was so delicious. Guests are still talking about how delicious and unique the flavors were. I would also highly, highly recommend Brooklyn Cupcake because Carmen and her team are just amazing!

Carmen and her team, again, were able to create a delicious vegan cake for me which was so special, because I definitely wanted wedding cake on my wedding day. The best part was that I took the rest home and kept eating it for the days after. Yum!”

How did you find and decide on Deity as your Wedding Venue? “My cousin and bridesmaid, Yalisa, mentioned that a friend of hers got married at Deity so I added it to my list of venues to tour. When we went for the tour I remember walking into the ceremony space and gasping at how beautiful it was. My heart immediately filled with joy and I just knew that this had to be the place. We looked at other venues, but I could not forget Deity. When we decided to go forward with choosing Deity, Caio was so amazing to work with and just made us feel so calm throughout the entire process. They worked with our time frame since we were having a short engagement and helped us create the most beautiful day. I am so grateful to have found Deity!”

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