College Sweethearts Wedding in Brooklyn

Deity Events was the scene of this beautiful Wedding day for these college sweethearts. Capturing their love in images and in video was Le Image Studios. There is so much that we adore about this Wedding and we are finding ourselves a little speechless about how perfect it all came together. Luckily, these Brides have put the words together for us! And we find that no one does a better job of describing their love, life, and big day other than the Brides, Cynthia & Krystaline, themselves:

“Our love story like others before us came down to fate. We met spring semester 2010 at Stony Brook University by happening to be neighbors across the hall from one another in the same dorm. We say fate because both of us ended up in that dorm by making last minute decisions to attend Stony Brook and those were the only dorms left. A few weeks after meeting we decided to join the same sorority and pledged together. During this time, it was not a fairytale love story, in fact, there were times where we downright couldn’t stand one another. After we completed the pledge process, however, that all changed. There was always “something” between us but we never acted on it, the timing just wasn’t right. Then one day at a random frat party (under the influence of course) we shared our first kiss. Fast forward a few more weeks and on June 17th, 2010 we made it official. Since that day we’ve watched each other grow up and have shared countless birthdays, holidays, graduations, second graduations and have even embarked on the same career path together.”

“As for the wedding itself. There were so many different favorite parts of course but in relation to the venue, we were floored when we came down to our cocktail hour and the music playing was a Harry Potter play list to match with our “theme”.  We had never discussed that music with the staff and Melissa told us that the bartender, I believe, thought the music would add to the vibe we were going for and he was SO right! Everyone commented how it added to the aesthetic of the night!  It was such a nice surprise.”

More words from he Brides themselves. Here is their Review of their big day at Deity Wedding Venue:

“Hi everyone! My wife and I got married in October 2018 at Deity, and to be perfectly honest, it was a DREAM COME TRUE. We were initially drawn to the venue by its unique features and the fact that it didn’t have that traditional wedding venue vibe, but more of a rustic/contemporary feel in a more intimate setting. It was the first venue we saw in person and we booked it right away. We loved the fact that the prices were available and all-inclusive right up front. Caio was very responsive with any questions/concerns we brought up. We had a planning a month prior to our wedding with Caio and Melissa, who would be our coordinator for the big day, and mapped out the entire day of our wedding.”

“Looking back on our actual wedding day, it was spectacular and we truly have Deity to thank for that. The staff of Deity were so on point and made sure my wife and I had everything we could ever need or want. Melissa had everything down to a T and worked endlessly with the rest of the staff to keep the day running as smoothly as possible. They did not forget the little things we spoke about during our planning meeting and while they definitely attended to the needs of our guests, they truly made the day about us, which we appreciated beyond measure.”

“The venue consists of three main floors but it’s really five if you count the bridal suite and the rooftop. The roof is where we did our first look and our bridal party photos which came out beautifully and has that city wedding backdrop.

We booked the bridal suite both for before the wedding and for the night of, which we definitely recommend if you can. The suite itself is gorgeous, spacious and fully functional for getting ready. It even had a partition so that my wife and I could get ready with our bridal parties and not see each other. We each had six bridesmaids, our mothers, MUA and hair stylists with us too just to give you an idea of how big the space truly is. There’s multiple bathrooms, a fully functional kitchen, multiple beds and seating. They gave us full reign of the suite and even keys for our overnight stay incase we wanted to go to an after party.
Now. Let. Me. Tell. You. About. The. Food. DELICIOUS! They have a variety of cuisine and plenty of options to choose from. We did a tasting before hand, but honestly you don’t even have to because EVERYTHING is so good. They take into account special dietary preferences and that’s also part of the planning meeting which is pretty cool. We went with a family style dinner which our guests to this day still talk about. The passed food and stationary platters during cocktail hour were a big hit as well. Deity made sure we had our own spread of cocktail food and our own dinner spread. Now about the drinks- we went with specialty cocktails in addition to a fully functioning bar. Again, a big hit with our guests (especially their moscow mules).”

“We used some vendors they recommended on their website including Le Image photography, Opalia flowers and our officiant Rev. Samora. We highly recommend them all, especially because they work so often with the venue which makes their role in the big day seamless. Planning a wedding and choosing where to have it is a big decision, but choosing Deity was the best decision we could have made and would be our same choice if we had to do it all over again. We cannot thank them enough for their HUGE part in the best day of our lives!”

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