A Brooklyn Wedding Venue that Lends a Helping Hand

Priscilla and Jacob had their fairy tale wedding at Deity Events. Even the most fun and easy going brides like Priscilla will have some worry or stress on their wedding day. There is a lot of pressure surrounding this one day and emotions run high. That is why it is important to choose who will be around you that day with care, including your venue! Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue has built a reputation of being able to help when the unexpected comes up and also to just bring a sense of ease to the day knowing they have so much experience. Here is what helped Priscilla and Jacob’s wedding at Deity go so smoothly, so they could just be their fun and relaxed selves through the day. 

Deity Brooklyn Wedding- Priscilla and Jacob

“I’d decided to DIY some decorations and a candy/dessert bar for my wedding, and I was so nervous about just how much stuff it all came out to be. Deity let me drop it all off the day before, but I was sure he was going to say it was way too much and it would be too complicated or something. Not at all! Deity helped unload the car and had such a positive,”can-do” attitude about it all, and kept telling me not to worry, that they would handle all of it. I was so, so grateful.”

Priscilla made adorable succulents to hand out as favors at the end of the night. Not only is she crafty, she is thoughtful and on trend!

Deity Brooklyn Wedding- Priscilla and Jacob3

“As for the day of, my husband and I were treated like royalty! I’d forgotten my drink at the dinner table, and realized it as I was about to head downstairs. Caio heard me mentioning it, and by the time I’d gotten to the end of the stairs, another drink was already waiting for me.”

Priscilla and Jacob looked like royalty. A part from the DIY décor, Priscilla used Miguel from the Rose Garden to arrange the perfect bouquets for the Bridal Party. Reverend Brad incorporated their personalities into their very special nuptials. The room was so warm with love and excitement, much like a royal wedding.  

Deity Brooklyn Wedding- Priscilla and Jacob7Deity Brooklyn Wedding- Priscilla and Jacob5Deity Brooklyn Wedding- Priscilla and Jacob6

“I also have to rave about our day coordinator, Anna. She was absolutely amazing. She saw when I was getting kind of overwhelmed and told everyone she needed the bride, and brought me into the bathroom, handed me some wipes, my chapstick that she somehow knew to ask my sister for, and some water, and just told me to take a minute to breathe. She kind of stood guard over me when I finally had a minute to sit down, right before the bouquet toss, to make sure I had a moment to relax. She even fixed my hair when it kept falling down, and offered me her scrunchie at the end of the night! Seriously, the Deity staff is absolutely phenomenal, and I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Towards the end of the night Deity brought out this stunning 3 tiered cake. We couldn’t believe this was the cake that Priscilla was telling us her friend Marisa was going to make. It did not look DIY at all. Talk about friend goals!

Deity Brooklyn Wedding- Priscilla and Jacob4

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