Next Level DIY Brooklyn Wedding

This Deity Brooklyn Wedding had next level DIY decor as well as next-level feelings of love.  Tossea and Cherina not only planned their big day together, they planned it with both of their Moms.  Cherina’s Mom, Angela, took on elaborate table decor, depicting the ladies travels. Intricate scenes of New York City, Thailand, and South Africa, to name a few, graced each dining table. Tossea’s Mom, Beverly, has a special gift for floral arrangements. Showcasing exotic florals like eucalyptus and protea in the bouquets, table arrangement, and a delicate floral arch that served as backdrop.  Having their Moms so closely involved in their Wedding was truly a unique gift. The love that this new united family shares is simply one of a kind. Here is Cherina’s memory of their really special day:

“Our wedding was perfect! It’s been almost 2 months since we got married and people are still raving about the wedding. It was a truly magical experience and we couldn’t have wanted more. Deity Brooklyn is simply gorgeous. The space was perfect for our vision of a DIY boho chic wedding. The warm brick walls, the lighting and the tree in the reception space set the tone of the day. We wanted a uniquely Brooklyn wedding venue, but within our price point.”

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

“Traveling is one of our favorite things to do together. And because it is such a huge part of our relationship, we wanted to incorporate it into our wedding theme.

When sharing the idea with both of our families, they made it reality! Cherina’s mom (Angela) took on the centerpieces. She researched each of our favorite places and staples of the city/country, collected pictures of us during those trips, and made the centerpiece magic happen. Her work and vision was better than we could’ve imagined! She thought of small details, even making sure to include Tossea’s background (she’s from Guyana) – as she knows this is major part of her and her family’s identity. We are so very grateful to have had the support of our mothers/family. The talent and love behind all of the work they did made the day very special.”

“The loft where the wedding was held was decorated very nicely and provided the perfect backdrop for the DIY wedding arch made by my wife’s family. After the ceremony, everyone went downstairs for the reception. The staff thought of everything. For about 15 minutes after the ceremony, they served us samples of the reception food and we had a private toast just for us.”

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

“The arch and its flowers, bouquets and boutonnieres, seating chart sign, and some of the other signs around the space were the hard work of Tossea’s mother and family! Tossea’s mom (Beverly) and her aunts got the arch and took off from there. When we told them of our Brooklyn boho chic idea, they made it come to life. The arch and it’s floral decor was a perfect backdrop for the alter! The hand crafted bouquets and boutonnieres were perfect and captured our vision to a tee.”

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

“Dinner…WOW! The space was completely transformed for dinner. The tables, chairs, etc. all came with the venue and were high quality. Super pretty on their own and a perfect backdrop for our DIY centerpieces. The space was lit with candles and fairy lights. It was absolutely perfect.”

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

“After dinner we went downstairs to the cellar for the best part. Dancing! The cellar had great acoustics. At first I worried that it would be took dark for photos, but I was wrong, Le Image did an awesome job making sure all the photos were perfect. There was a perfect amount of light and the set up of the cake and dessert table was great. The food provided by Deity’s and their chef was amazing! We were able to choose from several dishes for the cocktail hour and dinner; and our friends and family are still talking about how good it was.”

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

“The Deity staff was great with serving us as well as our guests. The family style dinner from Deity’s catering did not disappoint and everything was absolutely delicious. The planning process with Deity was smooth and they really know their stuff! We felt at ease and they talked us through making all of the decisions from food, to the DJ, to the drinks, everything! We highly recommend Deity, it was an amazing day!”

Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue- Cherina and Tossea23Deity Brooklyn Wedding

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