Flash Back Brooklyn Wedding

Flash Back Friday with this full of fun Wedding from 2017. This joyful couple’s big day was captured by Grey House Studios. These 2 started with a full of laughter photo session at Brooklyn Bridge Park. They then headed to Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue for their reception. Such a sweet surprise to stumble on this album few years later and to share these memories to last a lifetime!

Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_16-00-14-46_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j1Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_16-38-16-62_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j1Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_16-47-20-17_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j1Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_16-53-56-91_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j1Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_16-54-53-73_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j1Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_17-07-22-29_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j1Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_19-20-06-62_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j3Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_19-31-29-25_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j3Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_19-32-11-95_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j3Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_19-52-48-25_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j3Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_20-32-44-62_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j4Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_20-37-55-29_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j4Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_20-48-35-74_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j4Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_20-56-53-68_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j4Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_21-51-44-00_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j4Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue_21-54-49-65_Desgranges_ChowYoung_CJ_WED_j4

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