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Brooklyn’s summer is slowly turning into Winter. The air will soon be crisp and snow falling. Running around NYC in February is far too under rated! The spirit of the Holidays are still in the air and the sidewalks clear a bit from tourists and you get to tap into one of the best parts of being a Brooklynite- staying warm with friends in a unique space eating and drinking merrily. Hannah and John translated that unique feeling of Brooklyn with the chic style New Yorkers seem to all have by getting married in this Brooklyn Wedding Venue. We of course love their unique Brooklyn wedding venue, but also the intricate decor in the loft while they dined in with Deity’s catering.

Photo Credit- Robert Carlo | New York 

Deity NYC Hannah and John7042Deity NYC Hannah and John_9015

“We were treated like royalty from day one. The fact that food, drink, DJ and so many other aspects of the wedding came included in the venue package made it so much easier to plan a wedding (particularly as we both have full time jobs). They have their system, which in my mind works flawlessly, but they’re more than happy to accommodate couples and families wanting to customize in order to bring their wedding vision to life.”

Deity NYC Hannah and John_9136Deity NYC Hannah and John_9144Deity NYC Hannah and John_8936

“Their bridal suite is one of the most stunning rooms I have ever seen and it was a breathtaking place to get ready, full of natural light even in early February. The venue is so aesthetically stunning that even our most critical guests were blown away by every room.”

Deity NYC Hannah and John_9080Deity NYC Hannah and John_9093Deity NYC Hannah and John_9098Deity NYC Hannah and John_9100Deity NYC Hannah and John_9462-2Deity NYC Hannah and John_9368-2Deity NYC Hannah and John_9306Deity NYC Hannah and John_9301Deity NYC Hannah and John_9727Deity NYC Hannah and John_9729Deity NYC Hannah and John_9750Deity NYC Hannah and John7841

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“If you want to pull out all the stops and do everything yourself, they make it as easy as possible for you to do that. On the flip side, if you don’t want to worry about anything and are looking to hand things off to a professional, they’ve got it in hand. This goes for food, drink, decor, day of coordination and virtually everything else that you can think of.”

Deity NYC Hannah and John7351Deity NYC Hannah and John8070Deity NYC Hannah and John8068Deity NYC Hannah and John_9996Deity NYC Hannah and John_0054Deity NYC Hannah and John_0358Deity NYC Hannah and John_0340Deity NYC Hannah and John_0479 (1)

Deity NYC Hannah and John_0904Deity NYC Hannah and John_0527Deity NYC Hannah and John_0525Deity NYC Hannah and John_0518Deity NYC Hannah and John_0515

“I could continue raving about everything to do with this venue all day, but I’ll just end with this: I do not have a single negative comment about this venue or the individuals working there. If this venue works for your vision and group size, it might be the best decision you can make for your big day.”

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