Love Like Ours Brooklyn Wedding

Husband and wife (and best friends!) photography team, Love Like Ours, 
want to tell the stories of Love. So in Vivian and Andrey, they found the perfect subjects. Hosting the big day was Deity Events Venue in Brooklyn. Summer florals and a spectacular Wedding arch were provided by Opalia. The Bride was radiant in Lotus Bridal, a local boutique. A 4-tier Wedding cake from By the Way Bakery took center stage on the dancefloor.  Bride, Vivian gives us the details of her special Wedding Day experience:

“Our Brooklyn Wedding was a laid back whirlwind, if that makes any sense. We weren’t fretting over the details, so we got sucked into the fun of every moment, from getting ready in the Deity Suite, to the ceremony and to the end of the reception. It felt like everyone was shocked by how calm I was. I felt like, “what was I supposed to be doing, running through the streets in my robe, having a meltdown?” It went by fast, which is what everyone told us before. Turns out they were right.

Both of us were surprised at how relaxed we were (except for the moments directly before the ceremony when the adrenaline kicked in)!”



“We loved the moments where we got to hang out with each other for a moment during cocktail hour and before the reception. It was nice to have a little bit of quiet after such a big moment. And also the reception–it was just fun. The music was perfect and the drinks were deliciously strong.

We got the most help from our wedding venue, Deity! I don’t think we would have been as chill as we were without the help of our coordinators. They really helped everyone focus on having fun.”




“Our guests were in party mode, which was a little surprising! A lot of people danced at the reception and were chatty during dinner. They yelled “gorka!” a lot, which is Russian for “bitter”–traditionally, the couple kisses as long as they can every time someone yells it, so there was a lot of kissing, haha. And everyone loved the wedding catering. 

We ended up loving our photos–they captured “us” so perfectly, so they feel very special. And my aunt played the music for the ceremony, which was a nice personal touch.”


Thank you Vendors! 

Opalia Flowers

By the Way Bakery

Lotus Bridal

Love Like Ours Photography

Deity Events Wedding Venue

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