Intimate Brooklyn Wedding

Brooklyn vendors that we love came together for this intimate family Wedding. Tim Ryan Smith photographed the details at the Wedding venue Deity NYC. Lion in the Sun custom printing created a city themed invitations to set the theme. Wild Floral Designs transformed the space with their beautiful floral creations. Including an elegantly designed Chuppah, under which the couple professed their love. Wild Floral Designs provided matching centerpieces for the bouquets and centerpieces with pops of orange that paired brilliantly with the blues of the Deity Bridal Suite. Read the couple’s love story featured in the New York Times Wedding Section.

Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog0013Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog0402Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog0447Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog0471Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog1805Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog2065

Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog1965Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog1973Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog2005Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog2008Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog2036

Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog2089Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog2119

Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog2253Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog2761Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog2779Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog2877Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog3385Deity Events-TimRyanSmith_Photog3799


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