A Colorful Brooklyn Wedding Day

This Brooklyn Wedding stands out because of it’s intimate size, unique wedding venue and fun games at the end of the night. Everything about Olivia and Tao’s Wedding was a puzzle piece to creating a magical day.  Where the Bride, Groom and Family left with huge smiles and happy tears. Like royalty, Olivia and Tao got ready in the Deity Bridal Suite. This wedding was unique, because towards the end of the night with cake cutting there was singing, dancing and plenty of fun games! These perfect moments were all captured by David Perlman. Videography by Le Image

Deity Events- OliviaTaoWedding_0141Deity Events- OliviaTaoWedding_0143OliviaTaoWedding_0413Deity Events- OliviaTaoWedding_0405OliviaTaoWedding_0397Deity Events- OliviaTaoWedding_0240Deity Events- OliviaTaoWedding_0242OliviaTaoWedding_0246OliviaTaoWedding_0250OliviaTaoWedding_0819Deity Events- OliviaTaoWedding_0844Deity Events- OliviaTaoWedding_0364OliviaTaoWedding_0380OliviaTaoWedding_0419OliviaTaoWedding_0490Deity Events- OliviaTaoWedding_0477OliviaTaoWedding_0510OliviaTaoWedding_0526OliviaTaoWedding_0692OliviaTaoWedding_0882OliviaTaoWedding_0920Deity Events- OliviaTaoWedding_0903OliviaTaoWedding_0938OliviaTaoWedding_0944

See Olivia and Tao’s full wedding video here

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