LGBTQ Love in Brooklyn

A very special Brooklyn Wedding took place this Spring! Amanda and Terri shared their love for one another at Deity Events in front of friends and family. We could not be happier with the beautiful day they were able to have. Thanks to Love Like Ours Photography their precious moments were all captured exquisitely. We are happy to have the opportunity to share one more time how Love is Love and we celebrate that big here in Brooklyn and NYC!

Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-1Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-4Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-11Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-18Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-17Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-14Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-32Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-119Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-162Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-164Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-171Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-173Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-176Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-178Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-190Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-205Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-272Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-273Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-282Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-287Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-293Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-302Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-307Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-317Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-332Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-357Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-365Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-406Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-407Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-410Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-445Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-452Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-474Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-491Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-501Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-511Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-608Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-564Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-527Deity Events- Amanda-Terri-540


See more slideshows of Deity Weddings on our Youtube channel!


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