Love at a Brooklyn Wedding

L-O-V-E was the theme of this Brooklyn Wedding.The big day for Caitlin & Alex took place at Deity Wedding Venue in NYC. The Bride and her Bridesmaids (and Bridesman) got glam in the Deity Suite. As the groom and groomsmen’s anticipation on the Suite’s rooftop was particularly charming. 

Revered Samora married these two in a warm ceremony in the Event Space. We especially love the mismatched dresses by the girls. This totally in-love couple cut their cake baked by Chopped Champion, Mini Melanie, in front of the Deity tree. Their wedding day at Deity Events perfectly represented this couple. Here is what they had to say about their experience:


“Our wedding day at Deity Events could not have been more perfect! The day began separately for us both with our respective bridal party members and family. For Caitlin, she woke up in our apartment in Bay Ridge with all her bridesmaids who travelled together early to Deity Events to enjoy the day getting ready in the beautiful Bridal Suite. Arriving at noon, Caitlin spent the morning together with close family members laughing, crying, and getting ready.” -Alex

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

“For Alex, his morning was spent pacing around a hotel room with his groomsmen making fun of him. Not out of nervousness but because of a restless personality that couldn’t be settled knowing he had to wait an entire day to be able to get ready and see his beautiful bride. Luckily for him a hotel lobby pool table and his groomsmen helped keep his mind occupied before finally giving in two hours before needed to be ready. As the time approached Alex travelled with his groomsmen to Deity to wait on the roof for our first look.” – Caitlin

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

While right below his feet, Caitlin’s parents and bridesmaid enjoyed a tearful moment of watching their daughter step into her wedding dress. And finally the time came for their First Look, on the rooftop looking out at the city we love and all of our closest family members and friends.

Caitlyn’s favorite memory was the first look, “After spending the night a part and the day getting ready it was such a great feeling to finally see my future husband again surrounded by the most important people in our lives.”

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

After some more tears and laughter, and loads of pictures, The Deity staff worked to get the party organized for the nuptials. “In a simple and beautifully decorated ceremony hall, as family and friends continued to have tears well their eyes, we said our vows the only way we know how, while laughing lol,” says Alex and Caitlyn.

For Alex, watching Caitlin walk down the aisle is my favorite memory. “I really didn’t think I would be as moved in that moment as I was, but was just overcome with every emotion possible,” says Alex.

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

“A quick moment later they signed their marriage licenses and had a small snack. “We couldn’t wait to get down to our cocktail hour to see all our guests. Our guests enjoyed an array of delicious passed hors d’oeuvres and drinks while we got the chance to get around the intimate lounge to greet everyone,” says Alex and Caitlin.

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

“When the time for dinner came, the Deity staff seamlessly moved all our guests upstairs for a sit down family style dinner. Which our guests loved! They were so excited to get to have a try at everything and not have to pick an entrée and risk missing out on another. As dinner moved to a close, we had speeches from Caitlin’s Man of Honor (her best friend and our roommate), Caitlin’s Maid of Honor (her younger sister) and Alex’s Best Man (his older brother). All 3 speeches, different in their own way, included some great stories, laughter, and a few more tears.”

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

“After dinner, our guests moved back down to the lounge for our first dance and cake cutting. Mini Melanie promised to send us a small cake on our 1 year anniversary – agreeing with us that the freezing the cake top to eat a year later was a bit gross. The Deity staff saved it for us anyway – so we chowed down on it the next day. We decided to have these two traditions done in the lounge in front of the beautifully lit tree so Alex’s 90 year old grandmother could see them easily. A grandmother who may have been pampered that day more than ourselves by Deity’s outstanding owner Caio! And finally after that it was time to Party!”

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

“We spent the final hours on the dance floor, where surprisingly ALL of our guests enjoyed in some dancing and partying.We assumed to have a heavy drinking crowd (which we did) but really ended up with a bunch of dancers. From our friends to our oldest relatives and family friends.While family and friends helped throughout the planning and the day of – we really relied on the professionalism of the Deity staff. To name a few, Caio, James, and Anna made sure the day ran smoothly and took care of everything for us! Unfortunately the night had to end. We sent our guests off to a local brewery for an after party, as we adjourned to spend our first night as husband and wife the gorgeous apartment upstairs.”

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

Thank you Vendors!
Flowers – Floral Heights – We didn’t have many, just the bouquets and boutonnieres but they were stunning

Wedding Cake – Chopped Champion Mini Melanie – made a beautiful assortment of mini cakes to create a delicious cake bar

Revered Samora – Who wrote a ceremony so perfect for us you would have thought she knew us our whole lives

Photos – Le Image – we had Nikola as a sole photographer and the pictures came out great

How did you find and decide on Deity as your Wedding Venue?
Caitlin found Deity through researching wedding websites for venues in Brooklyn. It was the first venue we visited and we met with James. The venue was perfect in it’s simple décor and we wanted something different from the wedding halls we’ve been too at past weddings. James was upfront and honest with us regarding all pricing and what was and was not included as well as gave us a great walkthrough of the process if we decided to go with Deity. When we left, I could tell on Caitlin’s face that Deity was the place, but I asked that she keep an open mind a visit a few more before making a decision. We did go see a few more, but none were what we were looking for and no other staff made us feel as comfortable as the staff at Deity did from the first meeting we had. We are so happy to have had our wedding at Deity, we could not have found a better venue or staff to make our day so perfect!


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