Brooklyn Wedding Day from the Groom’s Perspective

We love hearing the bride’s stories, but it is fun to get the perspective of a groom!  This groom is reminded everyday of his Brooklyn Wedding as they go past a historic Brooklyn monument that now means so much more than just something they pass by. Read below to hear how Will describes their Brooklyn Wedding at Deity Events. P.S. Nina also used the Just Married Jacket! Read the story behind this jacket and you can wear this super cool jacket on your wedding day! 
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Here is what this Brooklyn Groom had to say about his Brooklyn Wedding Day:
“To say that things flew by would be an understatement, but it’s also only half true. The first half of the day completely dragged, all the way up until me and my groomsmen started getting dressed. We were all in the officiant’s hotel room having drinks, telling stories from back in the day, when it was finally time for me to leave and head towards Grand Army Plaza for Nina and I’s first look. I got there a little early so I remember just standing under the arch with people walking by, kind of wondering why this random guy was all dressed up and standing alone.”
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
“From the moment Nina tapped me on the shoulder and I first saw her in her dress, the rest of the day starting moving so fast. One minute we were kissing under a monument we go by every day on our way home and the next we were at Brooklyn Bridge Park taking photos with family and the wedding party. By the time we arrived at Deity, my heart rate was absolutely cranking, more so with anticipation than with nerves. We were so ready for that moment.
Once I came from behind the curtains with my parents, followed by our wedding party and highlighted by the bride and her parents, everything settled in and I think we both ready to celebrate everything that led up to that day. From there, it was all about making sure we got to spend a little time with everyone who joined us, as almost everyone flew in from out of town.”
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding
 “There are definitely two things that stood out throughout the day. The first would be, the alone time that Nina and I got once everyone went downstairs to begin our cocktail reception. It was just the ceremony room, a candle, some food, a few drinks, and us. Having time to sit back, look at each other, and digest what just happened was something we’ll never forget.
The second would be once we walked down the aisle together and were joined back behind the curtain by our family and wedding party. There were so many emotions–the joy of sharing that moment with the people who mean the most to us, the appreciation of all the help and support that went into making it possible, and ultimately the pain of those who are no longer with us that were supposed to be there. It was such an intense half hour where the weight of the previous ten or twelve months really was seen.
We both shared some really intimate feelings and commitments with each other and everyone else in that room, but the amount of times people were laughing and cheering during the ceremony was so cool. We’d never totally gone through the format with our officiant, even though Will wrote it, so we didn’t know how he’d deliver it. The whole thing was perfect, with a good pace, and just so fun.”
Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding
“All of our friends and family did something to make our wedding possible, there’s no doubt about it, but the majority of planning and execution was made possible by four people. James and Caio at Deity Events made us feel like family from day one and they were our sounding board, our experts, our friends, and the people we put the most trust in. They killed it, in the best way.
No one really warns you that life doesn’t just stop once you’re engaged, that it goes on and sometimes it’s really hard. We needed every hug, every pep talk, every long night, every tough conversation, and every ounce of love we had to make our wedding happen the way it did. We fell immeasurably more in love because of how we stuck together as a team.
Anyone at our wedding can come up with some fun adjectives to describe our group. They were rowdy, excitable, foodies, beverage enthusiasts, and dancing madmen.”
“Looking back, something we often talk about is that we didn’t expect to enjoy our first dance and the cake cutting as much as we did. We never practiced some routine or anything–I sometimes surprise Nina with our favorite Frank Sinatra song at home and we start dancing in the living room. Those were two surprises and just spoke to how much fun we had dancing with everyone.”
“By the time the evening wound down, everyone was riding such a great energy from the evening. To cap everything off, Nina got her biggest wish: to drink a bottle of Bud Light in a dive bar while wearing her wedding dress.”
Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding
Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding
How did you find and decide on Deity as your Wedding Venue?
“Deity Events  was actually the first place we looked at when we actually went venue hunting. Right when we walked out of that first tour, we kind of looked at each other and said, “Man, that one is going to be tough to beat.” We felt at home right away with the space and the staff. There was an instant connection with James and a trust that we had in him that whatever it took to make our wedding day perfect, he’d get the job done.
We grew more and more familiar with Caio as the process went on, which is something I think is really important for couples to know. One of the things we had read about Deity was how good the service was and how responsive people were. Caio always responded to our (sometimes obnoxious) emails in a timely manner and generally within a few hours at most. Being all-inclusive certainly meant a lot to us as well, and it being so centrally located. All the skeletons for a great wedding venue are there, just like they probably are at many venues. What sets Deity Events a part, and what stood out to us right away, was that Deity Events isn’t about having the bare bones of a great venue, they’ve got the soul of a great venue.”
Pro Tip from Nina and Will!
“One thing a lot of people won’t tell you about wedding planning is that figuring out hair and makeup for a huge bridal party is EXHAUSTING. You need a large team that is reliable, affordable, and brings value to that day. The ladies were obviously together for a large portion of the day, so we needed people that could step in and be a good addition while also performing a service. Nina was pretty overwhelmed with finding all of those characteristics in one service, and so one of our bridesmaids stepped up. She actually found Priv, “Salon and Spa on Demand”, and connected Nina with Angelica Alvarez. Angelica was one person that Nina connected with often and was so helpful. Everyone looked their best that day because of Angelica and the team she assembled. Services like the Priv are new to a lot of us, but they are so helpful and I think the wave of the future.”
Thank you vendors!
Flowers- Edelweiss Floral Atelier
Dress- The Bridal Collection in Denver
Hair and make up- Priv
Desserts- Moore Flavors Bakery
Photography by Le Image

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