Rustic and Romantic Brooklyn Wedding

Our wedding day was so magical and one of our greatest memories. To not have to stress out about certain aspects of our wedding, well… we just couldn’t have asked for anything more! So many of our guests had never heard of Deity Events before and they kept complimenting us on how unique, beautiful, and intimate the wedding venue was. We were so glad to hear this because it was for these very reasons that we picked Deity. We can’t say enough good things about it.

I had Googled some keywords: Brooklyn, wedding, rustic, romantic (you get the idea). Deity popped up in a blog, so I started reading all of the comments and reached out to them for a walk through. We met James and he showed us around and gave us the details and how things run at Deity. Honestly, after we saw the Deity Lounge area, I turned to Jamie and said “OMG, this is it – I love it!!!” We left the meeting and we knew that we had found our wedding venue. It was literally the second place we saw (in fact, we felt obligated to look at another venue just because). We booked it the same week and the wedding planning began!

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

Our wedding day went unbelievably smooth overall. We have a little son, Carter, (who was 6 months at the time) and we wanted to make sure he was part of key moments throughout the day. The girls got ready in one of the suites at the Nu Hotel, which was the perfect location (and also had amazing lighting).

Jamie (Groom) and the guys got ready in our house in Long Island. We all decided to meet before the ceremony and have our first look across the street from the Nu Hotel. There was a wall mural across the street and we thought it would be the perfect backdrop, especially since we were in Brooklyn.

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

Our first look was beautiful and we made sure to include Carter (our son) in some of those pictures. After the first look, we loaded up into the bus to take us by the water to take pictures with the beautiful city-scape around us. The day of our wedding turned out to be absolutely freezing (March weather can be unpredictable!). However, I think Nikola from Le Image was able to capture a lot of beautiful moments of us as a couple, with our families, and our wedding party. Back into the bus we went and it was off to Deity!

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

We met the Deity DJ, Anna, and the team and everyone was so gracious, welcoming, and just completely excited for us, which made us even more excited. The ceremony was up next and we had a friend, Pastor Efrain, officiate the wedding. He had asked Jamie and I to send him a little snippet of what we admired most about each other. It ended up being my personal favorite part of the ceremony.

Afterwards, we were able to have a moment together before joining the rest of our guests for cocktail hour. The food was so delicious (Jamie especially loved the chicken and waffles!) and with the drinks, it was plentiful throughout the entire night.

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

Finally, it was time to party and dance the night away! The Deity DJ, really listened to us and gave us the music that we wanted to hear. It was a great blend of different genres and we just loved it. We also had a photo booth from Le Image, which is always fun and our guests seemed to really enjoy. We were sad it was done, but the entire day was literally perfect and we honestly couldn’t have imagined it any other way.

Deity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn WeddingDeity Brooklyn Wedding

I think what surprised us was that nothing surprised us! Everything just flowed so perfectly, from the beginning of the day until the very end. We were just so happy and tried to enjoy every moment because we knew the day was going to fly right by. I really have to commend Caio and his team because they took the reins and ran the entire evening so seamlessly. I was a little nervous about moving up and down the stairs to the different areas, but it turned out just fine and I don’t even think anyone thought anything of it.

Deity Brooklyn Wedding

Our favorite memory that day was having all of our guests in the same room at the same time. Everyone there was either a family member or a close friend, travelled near and far, so to have them all there together felt like a giant hug and we just did not want it to end.

Our second favorite memory was the moment right after the ceremony where Deity Catering set up a small table of food just for Jamie and I (and Carter). It was so nice to just sit together, eat, and drink together quietly before we joined the rest of our party. It was such a nice touch. We had a great mix of foodies and dancers! It was a good mix of people that just wanted to have fun and support Jamie and I.

Thank you Vendors! 

Photography from Le Image 

Cake from The Sweet Duchess 

Flowers from Petite Florist II


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