The Perfect Brooklyn Wedding

You must be thinking why this Brooklyn Wedding at Deity Events was “perfect.” This wedding was perfect because start to finish everything ran smoothly, with plenty of time to take every moment in. Jessica and Chris were actually able to eat everything, not a moment was wasted on the dance floor, and their photos are the perfect way to relive the day. 

“Wedding day morning we did our separate getting-ready routines, and then we went off to the Transit Museum with our photographer for a photo shoot on the old subway cars. It was so fun running around the museum, and the photos came out beautifully (playful, sexy, and retro)! Then it was off to Deity Events!

Jess’s brother and sister-in-law had attended a wedding at Deity Events several years ago, and they recommended we check it out. It was exactly what we were looking for: romantic, intimate, and unique. Not to mention affordable and in a great location.”


“When the ceremony was about to start we were lined up behind the curtain, our processional song came on (Cat Stevens’ “Don’t be Shy”), and the crowed began to quiet. It was finally starting! I could feel the happiness shooting through me and I couldn’t wipe the widest smile off my face.

Our ceremony started at about 4:30, which meant that the sun basically set over the course of the ceremony – it was beautiful and so romantic. Chris, what he remembers most vividly is the ceremony, and how surprisingly easy it was to stay in the moment and take it all in.”


“It was important for us to involve our families in the wedding so we had our siblings officiate. We had them give us marriage advice, which was sweet, funny, and memorable. During our wedding ceremony, as my [Jess’s] brother was taking the wedding bands out of the box, My [Jess’s] ring went flying. Fortunately Chris’s sister immediately spotted it in the curtains, so before we had time to panic, everyone was cracking up. It was a moment we’ll never forget, and we’ll never let Jess’s brother live it down!”


“We are definitely a dancing crowd, so we were really thoughtful in selecting songs with the Deity DJ that everyone would have fun dancing to (from our parents and their friends, to our little nieces and cousins). It was a lot of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. Beginning to end, the dance floor was packed. No exaggeration it was the best dance party of all time!”


“We loved having the dancing on a separate floor following dinner (other venues intersperse dancing with salad, appetizers, and entree). And once the dancing started it was nonstop! There’s nothing better than a giant dance party with your favorite people and all of your favorite songs. All in all, our wedding was simply the best day ever!”

Was there a particular detail that a vendor did for you that was special?

Our photographer Michelle McSwain from Julep & Belle Photography was fantastic and two months after the wedding, the thing we value most is being able to relive the day through pictures. Michelle captured the mood brilliantly – all the photos are filled with love, joy, laughter, and warmth. The dancing photos are dynamic and so FUN (you can practically hear the music). She even caught amazing little moments (like when the ring was dropped during the ceremony). Check out Julep & Belle’s vendor spotlight on our sister blog, The Brooklyn Aisle, offering tips for your Brooklyn Wedding


  1. Take the time to have a moment to yourselves after the ceremony. It was so nice to relax before heading to the cocktail hour, which was a whirl wind of hugs, kisses, toasts, catching up and eating.
  2. The week leading up to the wedding does go so fast, so breathe and soak in every moment.
  3. People told us you will not even have time to eat, luckily for us we ate everything from Deity’s catering!


Thank you Vendors! 

Photographer – Julep & Belle Photography

Florist – Floral Heights

Dessert – Two Little Red Hens

Hair/Makeup – Cassandra Suarez

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