Brooklyn Wedding Slows Time

NYC Wedding Memories to Cherish!

Deity Events tries to create a sanctuary in the middle of NYC to give couples the Brooklyn Wedding of their dreams. We coordinate, play the music, feed your guests, make a mean cocktail and calm your nerves, so couples like Simone and Joe can sit back, relax and focus on that final moment of marrying your best friend.

“I woke up at 4AM out of excitement and could not go back to sleep, so I did a run through to make sure I had everything I needed for the day. I was so anxious and time didn’t seem to want to move any quicker. I couldn’t believe that it was the day I was going to marry my best friend and start this amazing journey together.

We arrived at Deity Events and I was anxious to see my groom, just thinking about seeing him made me so emotional I began to tear up. For our first looks, I couldn’t pull myself together, I saw him standing with his back towards me and I lost it. We’ve waited many many MANY years for this day and it’s finally here. You’d think that being in a relationship of 10 years, things would just be toned down but NO, every emotion was heightened. Caio, helped me wipe my tears away and calmed me down to get me through the first looks and for that I am grateful. I never imagined that the owner of a venue would care that much about the people they work with, but Caio truly changed my perspective on that. He showed how professional he was at his job and how he takes pride in doing it correctly.”

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“After the first looks, Caio took the groom back downstairs so that we didn’t see each other until the processional. The flow of the day was perfect and well coordinated. I was amazed at how beautiful the Deity Venue was and how breathtaking each floor was. We had minimal décor because when we toured the venue we agreed that we didn’t need much extra. The little wedding décor that we did have was perfectly laid out. Deity Events executed our vision for our Brooklyn Wedding. We both gushed at how amazing the food was and how precise the staff was at catering to our needs and keeping us informed of timing.”

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Was there something that surprised you on your wedding day? 

“I was extremely surprised at how stress free and relaxed I was throughout the whole wedding. There was no need for us (or me in particular) to stress which really made our day memorable and extremely relaxed.”

If you had to pick one favorite memory from that day what would that be?(okay-maybe two, I know it’s hard to choose)  

“My favorite memories would have to be walking down the aisle together after we were pronounced husband and wife. We’ve encountered so many obstacles throughout our relationship and to have the people closest to us witness our union meant the world to us. The team at Deity Events set up a mini candlelit dinner for just the two of us after the ceremony and it made the biggest difference in our day. We had time to just sit down and take everything in. Often times you notice that the bride and groom are frantically running around so much that they don’t have time to enjoy their wedding day and for that I’m grateful for Deity Events to organize some alone time for us.”

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Whose help did you enlist the most? Your partner’s, mom’s, sister’s, friend’s, Deity? 

“My (then) fiancé had assisted me in choosing music and the dinner menu. He was helpful in supporting all my ideas I had for the wedding. Deity’s templates and Deity Wedding Planning website helped me a lot through the whole wedding planning process”.

What was your crowd like? Dancing crowd? Foodies? 

“Our crowd was more of a quiet crowd since a lot of them were elders in our family. However, there were a handful of guests that partied with us all night and kept the party going. The foodies would not stop talking about how amazing the braised beef short ribs and poached salmon were and I do not blame them one bit! Everything was so delicious and most importantly, warm. A couple months back, we attended a wedding in Manhattan and the food was not only bland, but it was COLD. You often hear couples telling you not to put any fish (especially Salmon) on your menu, but I have no regrets. Deity executed our wedding catering so well that I wish they would open a restaurant!”

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Was there a particular detail that a vendor did for you that was special? 

“One of Deity’s Wedding DJs, DJ Zeke played a song for my father daughter dance that I really wanted since my dad’s big on Cantonese songs. The song I chose had such significance as the lyrics went along the lines of, “A parent’s love and grace light the way for their child’s life”. Once DJ Zeke told me he was able to play that song I was so grateful. During the father daughter dance, my dad was so shocked and surprised, as were my Cantonese relatives.”

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“Sue from Mahalo Bakery truly executed the cake so well. I had so many different ideas, and inspiration that I wasn’t sure how the cake would turn out but it was absolutely beautiful, and matched our theme of letting love grow.”

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Vendor Shout Out! 

“Cake was a matcha blueberry flavored vegan cake from Mahalo New York Bakery

Our photo booth was from Exquisite Booths

Our DJ was DJ Zeke

I did the florals myself, as for the photos we had close friends help us take our photos”

Bride’s tips: 

“1. Check out the hotel rooms before you pick a hotel. Brooklyn Hotels are really small, so having everyone getting ready in one room gave me a lot of anxiety the morning of the wedding.

2. Have your bridal party arrive much earlier so there will be no rush and perhaps time for more photos.

3. Prepare for unexpected rain! We left the hotel and called a Lyft since it started pouring when we got to the lobby. Originally, I did want to walk the streets of Brooklyn in my dress, but things didn’t work out in my favor (and that’s okay!).”




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