Brooklyn Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah in the Center of Cool

For a change of pace, we would like to take a peek at a Deity Bar Mitzvah. The Deity Event Space is a former synagogue in Brooklyn with separate spaces for kids and adults to both enjoy themselves to the fullest at any Mitzvah. We especially love the sophistication and the beautiful decor of this special day. Listen to what this hip and stylish Mom had to say about their family’s Bar Mitzvah!

“My husband and I hosted our son’s Bar Mitzvah at Deity Events this past January 2018.  From start to finish, working with Deity was truly an exceptional experience making for an incredible evening.  Caio and his team are beyond well-organized, detail oriented, receptive, warm and friendly, and extremely accommodating.”Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0027“We tried to evoke a feeling of a an elegant winter wonderland with the use of countless lit branches, candles on bark pedestals, a massive driftwood candelabra, greens such as moss eucalyptus throughout and cool toned flowers surrounded by vintage brass candlesticks. We hoped to highlight the elements of nature with use of various organic textures while also embracing the beautiful existing decor of Deity.”Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0544Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0549Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0528
“Each of the three floors we utilized during the celebration provided a magical environment for our guests.  The party had an amazing flow and energy throughout the entire evening.”

Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0291Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0413“Caio and his staff were excellent at gently guiding our guests to each level according to our evening’s itinerary planned together in advance.  The Deity staff was on top of every last detail and did a wonderful job of keeping us on schedule while also amending time lines as needed in response to our guests’ energy.  Additionally, all of the food from Deity’s Catering was excellent and far exceeded our expectations”. Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0701Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0889Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0895Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0896Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0901

Deity Events Mitzvah2018_1292Deity Events Mitzvah2018_1348Deity Events Mitzvah2018_1456Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0913Deity Events Mitzvah2018_0914

“A huge thanks to Caio and the entire Deity staff for making our evening so incredibly special and fun for us all!”

Venue: Deity Event Space

Catering Deity Events 

Decor & Florals: Henry’s Mom- Lisa Pollock  &  Jessica Monte
Driftwood Candelabra: Drifiting Concepts in London, Canada
Printed materials: Elyse Kluber of Saltwater Scripts

Entertainment Company: Rhythm of the Night

Photo Booth: MirMir

Photos provided by: Lisa Houlgrave








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