Brooklyn for the First Time

This NYC Wedding was to give the out-of-town Guests the “Brooklyn Experience”

We think they nailed it! From the group photos at the Brooklyn Bridge to the cobblestone and brick to the Bride’s STUNNING caped gown. This Wedding couple’s vintage style complimented the speakeasy vibe of Deity Events Brooklyn Venue (they have a hidden door!) Here is what the couple had to say about their Wedding in what is considered the hippest city in the world:

“Picking a NYC venue was tough, especially because all our guests were from out of town and many were visiting the city for the first time. We wanted to give them an experience that reflected all that we love about our home in Brooklyn. Deity was our first stop on our list of venues after researching across Yelp and Weddingwire and The Knot and blogs – there was a whole process to get to the short list of venues we actually visited. I immediately loved the character of the building, but really I felt like we would have a great team of people. That’s what sold us as we went through other locations. Sure, lots of beautiful and unique spots to get married in the city.

Deity checked all the boxes – great character to the building, delicious food, and an awesome staff.”

Deity Wedding Venue 19Deity Wedding Venue 17Deity Wedding Venue 18

“Since we don’t have family out here and our oldest friends are on the West Coast, I relied on the Deity team for any issues. They helped us figure out the processional and gave their thoughts on how to run the night. Took the pressure off me a ton. Our photographer (Nyla Gray) also did a ton of the heavy lifting in helping us to plan the morning and afternoon, making sure that we got to take all of the pictures we wanted, while still making time to get ready and be with our bridal party.”

And as for that fierce Bridal Wedding ensemble?  “I’m a lucky girl with a seamstress mother who’s quite experienced in bridal, so I was able to buy a dress second hand and she created the belt, cape and blusher for me.”

Deity Wedding Venue 15

Deity Events Michiko MOB1.JPGDeity Wedding Venue 13Deity Wedding Venue 12

Deity Events Michiko MOB.JPGDeity Wedding Venue 11Deity Wedding Venue 10

“Your wedding day is sort of a Jesus take the wheel sort of situation. I was anxious and not holding it together before the ceremony because I was so worried over last minute drop outs on top of other guests showing up early before anything was ready. Personally, I didn’t think I would be the bride freaking out minutes before the ceremony. I was so chill the entire day. My hair and makeup girls told me I should give a Ted Talk on Best Bridal Behavior. But, there I was hyperventilating. We got through the ceremony and I only messed one part. During “I dos” all I could muster was “uh huh!” To my credit, I did get through my vows without a stumble. Which is more than can be said for the groom!

The team at Deity took it in stride and guided me through the whole night. They were so good at listening and handling whatever came their way. Go meet them, you’ll find they’re great at what they do and bring a positive energy to the day.”

Deity Wedding Venue 5Deity Wedding Venue 4

Deity Wedding Venue 6

Deity Events partyDeity Wedding Venue

All Photography by Nyla Gray Photography

Venue: Deity Events in Brooklyn

Flowers: Floral Heights

Wedding Cake: Milk Bar in Carroll Gardens

Hair: Andrea Mazuera 

Makeup: Brooke Jones 

View the live Brooklyn Gallery Here:












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