Brooklyn Wedding Captured in Black and White

Deity NYC Classic Wedding

As much as Brooklyn sets trends, we still love our classics such as black and white photos. When you mix the artistic talent of the NYC photographers and vendors to the this classic Brooklyn Venue you create a memories to last a lifetime ( some you can relive them in these precious wedding¬†videos). Black and white photos are the perfect memory keepsake.¬† This rings true when we saw the final photos of Jess and Chris’s wedding at Deity. Julep & Belle Photography took some great timeless photos and ask for their advise on how to capture these moments in such a classic fashion.

Michelle from Julep and Belle Photography says, “with black and white, it really depends on the mood I want to evoke. For me, black and white photos can feel very romantic and nostalgic which I thought was very fitting for Jess and Chris’s wedding day. Also, when there is a lot of ambient light, making a photograph black and white can help set a tone and put the emphasis on the subject rather than let colors distract from it. I loved playing around with the photos from the ceremony since there were so many little lights all around Jess and Chris while they said their vows. I thought making a couple of the shots in black and white would really give a romantic feel to the whole room and allow those lights to shine around them even brighter.

Deity NYC-9784

Michelle remembers specifically how, “all day before the ceremony they kept talking about how they couldn’t wait until the dancing began…and WOW! When the reception started, neither one of them left the dance floor the entire night! They tore it up! It was such a blast to see and I think I captured a lot of their fun energy on the dance floor in a few of my photos.”

Deity NYC-1631Deity NYC-0766

Chris was also super excited for the cupcakes, which I can completely relate to because I’m a huge sucker for wedding cake (or cupcakes!).

Deity NYC-1708

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