Eat, Drink and be Married at Deity Brooklyn

Keith and Tonya just celebrated their first anniversary on December 22nd, 2017. We were thrilled to receive their adorable Holiday Card to remind us of their wonderful day.


These are Tonya’s memories, tips and vendor recommendations from her Brooklyn wedding at Deity

Our wedding day was awesome! It was exactly the way we wanted it to be! We woke up late (we’re night owls so even our wedding was at 6pm) we ate breakfast, we went and got all dolled up (lol) and then we were off to Dumbo to meet our photographer Jena to take some photos. Afterwards we strolled into Deity, took more photos with our family and friends and got the party started! We loved our wedding day at Deity and we wish we could do it all over again! Deity was incredible, Yulia was a star, we ate the most delicious food, (of which people still talk about) we drank, we danced until midnight. It was truly magical and the best day ever!

I was surprised at how easy the day was. I am bit of a control freak and that entire day because of Deity, because of Samora, because of Yulia and Jena, I just let it go. I let it all go and I enjoyed the entire day, it was awesome!

My first favorite memory was taking pictures on the roof of Jena’s studio in Dumbo, we had some time to be together as a couple and just enjoy each other before the craziness! My second favorite memory was cutting the cake. I had a Hobbit topper made for my future husband for his “groom’s” cake and he didn’t know I had done that so when he saw it he blushed and then cried haha, he’s a bit of a weeper!

Deity NYC Ceremony

I was so overwhelmed by how beautiful Deity was with all of our decorations up! I couldn’t have done anything for my wedding without Yulia from Deity. She was the best wedding planner ever! I had no bridesmaids and only 1 maid of honor (my sister who lives in Memphis and flew in the night before at midnight with the FLU!) so it was really just me and Yulia and she was a god send. I cannot thank her enough! We’re friends now too 🙂

Deity NYC Cocktail Hour

The most important part was that people knew that Keith and I just wanted our wedding to be a big celebration with friends and family. We didn’t want anything to be traditional, but of course Yulia talked us into some traditions like walking down the aisle etc, and I’m so very glad that she did. The rest of the night was all about drinking and dancing and eating just like a big dinner party which is exactly what we wanted!

Deity NYC Details

Keith and Tonya gave a great wedding day tip! 

I went to a wedding once a few years back and I and a few other people that I was with kept commenting on how nice it was, how sweet and charming everyone was. So later that night when I conveyed that sentiment to the bride and groom they told me that it was because they didn’t invite anyone that they didn’t love, and we did the same thing. We kept it small and invited only friends and family that we loved. It was the best tip I had ever heard while I was planning my wedding and I feel free to pass that tip on when I can.

Keith and Tonya’s Wedding Vendors are listed below. We also recommend these vendors.

  1. Our photographer was Jena Cumbo, her site is and her contact information is Phone 718-208-6308 and she was amazing! We couldn’t have asked for a more talented and easy to work with photographer, we felt blessed to be able to get her to take our photos.
  2. Our cakes were made by One Girl Cookie and they were DELICIOUS! The cake tasting was the only one we went too and they were perfect, easy to work with, and the cakes were divine! We still get comments on our cakes and it’s been a year! There info is:
  3. Our officiant was Rev. Samora Free, Deity actually had her listed as a recommended officiant and after calling and speaking to quite a few officiants I took a meeting with Samora and knew right then that she was the one who would marry us. Samora is a friend to us now and we adore her! She was charming, and calming and whip smart and we honestly have talked about renewing our vows on our 20th wedding anniversary and we both said to each other “Only if we can do it again at Deity with Samora!” 
  4. Our decor was created by my friend Jessica Downey who owns her own Etsy business, we loved our decor, it was so personal and Jessica really outdid herself, you can find her at
  5. We stayed at the Nu Hotel the night before and the day of our wedding and we highly recommend them. They were amazing!
  6. My hair and makeup were done by my friend Greg Pittman, he lives and works in Maryland unfortunately but he is really fabulous and loves to travel for weddings etc. You can email Greg at

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