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Having a ceremony somewhere else other than Deity? We don’t mind! Everyone has a vision in their head of what their perfect day looks like and we are happy to be a part of it by hosting your reception, welcome party or engagement party. Our convenient location is close to some magical outdoor ceremony spaces like the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Julia had a large wedding almost 200 of mostly out of town guests. She wanted to have an event to welcome the travelers to New York City and to the wedding in the best possible way. Julia’s now-husband grew up in Brooklyn and the couple used his Brooklyn roots to decide on a venue. Her vision came to life and this is what she had to say about her welcome party at Deity:

Rehearsal Dinner-0062.jpg

When we came to Deity, I knew the moment we walked in that it was our venue. The Beautiful architecture of the building, the indoor tree with the lights, and the warm and welcoming staff made Deity the obvious choice.

*julia and joseph favorite.jpg
*julia and joseph favorite1.jpg

My favorite memory from the welcome party was the speeches. Two of my best friends, the best man, and my husband’s sister each gave beautiful and touching speeches about our relationship with them and shared memories.

Rehearsal Dinner-0106.jpg

Rehearsal Dinner-0101.jpg

*julia and joseph favorite2.jpg

*julia and joseph favorite3.jpg

To me, the decorations, the food, and the drinks were the most important part. Deity made it easy because we had a wonderful, detailed planning meeting where we went over everything. After that, I knew that they would have everything handled and I had nothing to worry about, and I was right! Everyone was well fed, And definitely, no one left thirsty!

Rehearsal Dinner-0116.jpg

Rehearsal Dinner-0033.jpg

Rehearsal Dinner-0028.jpg

Photography by Emilie Anne Photography



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