Perfection Even with a Power Outage

Describe your wedding day

The morning of our wedding day was stressful for me because I was running late to my salon appointment due to transportation issues. As the day went on, the more nervous and excited Jimmy and I became. Leading up to the ceremony, we felt the day flew by so quickly. We were so busy with photographs and catching up with family and friends in the gorgeous Deity suite that at times, we just lost track of time. Everyone in the wedding party looked amazing and we were all smiles even with all the jitters. From the venue, the food, the drinks, and cake, the flowers, and the company – it was a perfect day, in my opinion. Every detail was simple and elegant and it was everything we imagined our wedding to be.  


Was there something that surprised you on your wedding day?

Our wedding party was supposed to take photographs at Brooklyn Bridge Park, but because of the traffic caused by a power outage on the subway that afternoon, we didn’t have the time to make the trip over there. We ended up taking photos on the rooftop of Deity and on the sidewalk, which was a lot of fun. Also, we had been checking the weather for days leading up to the wedding and we were expecting rain, but thankfully the weather gods were on our side that day!

If you had to pick one favorite memory from that day what would that be?(okay maybe two I know it’s hard to choose) 

Of course, the ceremony was our favorite memory of the day! Jimmy’s best friend officiated the wedding and we just had a lot of fun saying, “I do”. Something that stood out to me was when a few of my bridesmaids, friends, and Yulia (event coordinator at Deity) helped me bustle up my dress. It took an army to do it and it was an intimate moment that I got to spend with them while I had a little bit of peace to myself. And just to throw in another two things – I loved smashing cake in Jimmy’s face during the cake cutting ceremony and I loved seeing everyone being on the dance floor!


Was there a detail of your wedding that stunned you?

What stunned us was how everything came together so beautifully! We envisioned what the venue would like look when we chose the colors of the flowers, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen suits, and other accoutrements, but to see it in person was magical. The pink and navy that we chose just went so well with the décor (brick walls and string lights) of Deity.


Whose help did you enlist the most? Your partner’s, mom’s, sister’s, friend’s, wedding planner’s?

We had help from so many people, in many different ways. I would say the staff at Deity was a major part of why our wedding was so memorable. We chose Deity because of that. We knew the staff would make our lives less stressful and we only had to focus on the details. Also, the fact that Deity provided us with a list of preferred vendors made our research so much easier.


What was the most important part of your wedding that you wanted to make sure was done right?

I wanted the processional of the wedding ceremony to be done right. We had no prior rehearsal before the day of the wedding so I was super happy that we got to run through it once right before the actual ceremony. It went smoothly and I’m so glad that the Deity staff was there to guide us through it.

What was your crowd like? Dancing crowd? Foodies?

The crowd was a nice mix of people. Young people, older people, reserved people, and downright partiers! There were definitely a lot of people on the dance floor – even some people that I didn’t even think could bust a move! The food was great during reception. I received several rave reviews from guests. By the looks of it, I think everybody had a great time.

Vendor Appreciation!

Cake: Milk Bar

Flowers: Floral Heights

Photography/photo booth: Le Image

Hair and Makeup:


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