Wedding at Deity, Brooklyn

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“Yesterday, I posted Caitlin and Neil’s City Hall wedding. Today I’m showing their fun post-wedding reception at Deity in downtown Brooklyn back in June. I LOVE Deity, having photographed Brittany and Kelly’s wedding there in 2014. In the 10 months time from Brittany and Kelly’s wedding to Caitlin and Neil’s, the venue did a wonderful renovation of the bottom floor (where all the dancing and serious partying happens!). It looks amazing and I was really impressed!

So! Because Caitlin and Neil were already married, they opted to do a unique ceremony here – seats were set up and an aisle was made, and guests filtered in and sat down prior to the ceremony, as they always do. Then Neil started playing guitar and singing. Caitlin walked down the aisle, holding only her vows, and sat by Neil. He continued singing and playing his song, and then the two of them stood up and “married” each other. There was no officiant (though Caitlin’s mother did have a reading), so they simply read vows of commitment to each other and that was that! It was so awesome, and I LOVE how couples buck tradition to do what is right for them. 

It was a pretty rainy day, but Caitlin and Neil brought along an awesome rainbow umbrella I was absolutely obsessed with, and we had a pretty great time walking around the immediate area and taking some photos. The neighborhood around Deity has a lot of tucked away spots that are perfect for photos!

After the ceremony, it was party time! Congratulations to Caitlin and Neil – thanks for letting me join you on some pretty spectacular days!!”

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