A Joyful Brooklyn Wedding

Sometimes you attend a Wedding and you walk away with a feeling of complete joy. That all is right int he World and that Love Rules. Such was the case with Kevin & Hadiya.

Brooklyn Wedding Venue

On a pleasant Summer afternoon, these two were Married at Deity Brooklyn Wedding Venue. Family and Friends gathered around them for a celebration that would not be forgotten.

Brookyln Wedding Venue Brookyln Wedding Venue

The Bride wore a vintage inspired, beaded slip dress and carried pink of-the-season Peony bouquet. The heartfelt speeches of the Couple as well as the Guests set the tone for this Joyful event. The traditional Hora around Deity’s Tree of Life set off a dance party that would cap off a day full of Energy and Love.

Brooklyn Wedding Venue Brooklyn Wedding Venue Brooklyn Wedding VenuePhotos provided courtesy of  Carolyn Meers & Rohanna Mertens.

See what the Groom had t say about their Deity Wedding:

Yelp 5 Stars 9/29/2014

You never really expect a place to be this exceptional. Good, maybe great, but so perfect? The entire preparation and process seemed so clear and straightforward, we were ‘almost’ concerned that they were missing something! Nothing could be further from the truth. 

The food was incredible. We still hear about it. The worst thing about it was trying to make selections from the incredible list. That said, I imagine you could not choose something wrong. 

The staff was flawless. They were the perfect balance of attention and discreetness. Each person did their role exceptionally. I’ve never been at a wedding where I saw so many guests take the unsolicited time to tell the bride and groom how thoughtful and professional that service and staff were during the event – for months afterward too! In fact, the team there stepped up and adapted to a few minor changes we (bride and groom) suggested during the event. No one even noticed the switch. 

Deity flowed their process to meet our style, our family’s needs and our hopes for the event, not the other way around. Being an all-in place can seem concerning, but controlling your event is not what they are about. It was all about helping us craft it the way we wanted it. I can be occasionally accused of being too cynical, so it’s something for me to say that this was the best day of my life to date, and – marrying the love of my life aside! – it’s in part because of Deity.- Kevin, Groom

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