i do: caitlin and joe

0830_Ceremony copy

from hello, love blog

“Caitlin and Joe are beyond adorable Their wedding was sent to us by their photographer, Lauren Volo of Lady Bird Weddings, and we couldn’t be more pleased to feature their amazing wedding……..”Read More

1075_Cake_Ukeladies copy 1107_Dancing copy

Photographer: LadyBird Weddings

Wedding Venue & Caterer: Deity Weddings & Event Space

Here is what the Groom had to say about their Deity Wedding:

Yelp 5 Stars 6/2/2013

My wife and I had our wedding here over Memorial Day weekend and we can say that we had an unequivocally great experience. Caio and Christine were amazing hosts, the food was great, and the staff was super attentive. The place has a really fun vibe and the upstairs space was just the right size and atmosphere for a 90 person wedding. The downstairs club area is great for dancing and Deity provided a great DJ.- Joe, Groom

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