Colorful Brooklyn Wedding in Spring

John and Louise’s colorful Deity Brooklyn Wedding started with a fun photo session in DUMBO with the Bridal Party and ended with an epic dance from the newly married couple that cannot be missed! See their fun Wedding trailer from Le Image Video after scrolling through the vivid photos of the day, also captured by Le ImagePhotography.

And who better to talk about their big day than the couple themselves! Here is what they had to say about their big day!

Describe your wedding day: A beautiful day with family and friends that we personalized with many individual details. The wedding itself incorporated many interests from both bride and groom and went off without a hitch. We are both so thankful that we were able to share the special day with so many loved ones.

Was there something that surprised you on your wedding day: While we obviously wanted to avoid any problems with the wedding, we were honestly a bit surprised how smoothly and seamlessly things went. We’ve heard so many stories of how unexpected things crop up during a wedding and the lengths people have to go through in order to resolve them. However, everything seemed to run on auto during the day and Melissa and Anna from Deity were such a big help to us. They kept us informed about what was going on and what to expect next, helped with all the various small details and requests we had, and made sure that we had some time during the wedding for just the two of us to relax and grab a bite.

If you had to pick one favorite memory from that day what would that be? (okay-maybe two, I know it’s hard to choose): We loved our vows and the speeches from our family and friends. We also enjoyed our special wedding entrance performance to kick off the dancing. The personal aspects from all, including the special surprises from both bride and groom, added to the joy and happiness we were all feeling.

Whose help did you enlist the most? Your partner’s, mom’s, sister’s, friend’s, Deity: Without a wedding planner, we relied on each other while preparing for the wedding. We kept each other on track and made sure that everything got done. We must say that the staff from Deity (especially Melissa) were a big help as well. Melissa answered whatever questions we had, no matter how detailed, and acted almost like a de-facto wedding planner by making sure we had everything covered.

What was your crowd like? Dancing crowd? Foodies: We found our crowd to be very chill who low-key rocked to the 90s music we had. People danced and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere but also spent a fair amount of time chatting on the side. We heard a ton of good feedback regarding the food as almost everyone enjoyed the hors d’oeuvres and dinner menu.

Was there a particular detail that a vendor did for you that was special: We were very happy with all our vendors and they all did a phenomenal job. Our bubble tea vendor, Gong Cha, was nice enough to up our order from our guest count to 100 cups free of charge while our makeup vendor was able to touch up the groom for free as well.

How did you find and decide on Deity as your Wedding Venue: We first found out about Deity online from the website After doing some research and touring the venue, we fell in love with it due to venue’s style and the full-service package that was offered. As a couple that wasn’t planning on hiring a wedding planner, finding a place with almost everything included in the package already was a godsend. The fact that it was very affordable made it all the more appealing.

Other Vendors they used:

Photo Booth – 321 Photo Booth NYC
Flowers – Miguel of the Rose Garden
Makeup – Simple + Sultry
Dessert/Bakery – Mia’s Bakery
Wedding Favors – Popcornopolis

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