Memorable Brooklyn Wedding

Some things just don’t go out of style. A Unique Wedding Venue, good food and a fun time will never be forgotten. We were reminiscing this Wedding the other day by the talented photographer Robert Carlo|New York who stopped by our Brooklyn Wedding Venue about some upcoming weddings. It may have been almost two years ago now, but it looks like it could have been shot yesterday!

Dennis and Rinah’s Wedding 7/30/2016

“This place is top notch! First off, the staff is amazing. Very friendly, professional, caring, responsive, and flexible. The friendliness of the staff added that special touch that we needed to ensure everything would go smoothly and be memorable. Ciao was the man in charge of setting up our contract and ensuring all our needs were met. He is such a cool guy. Then the coordinator, who basically ran our event that night always checked in with us to ensure we were taken care of and just felt special that evening.”

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah2639Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah2771Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0128Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0156Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0165Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0364Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah2998Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah3095

The Brooklyn Venue itself was just what we needed – it was intimate, romantic, dramatic, and had so much character – throughout the evening, our guests kept mentioning how magical the mood was. It was also nice that the venue was very close to Dumbo, where we had our photoshoot by the Brooklyn Bridge before the wedding. Deity Events is artistically simple but elegant. The ceremony layout was truly romantic. Many of our guests were only familiar with “traditional” weddings. For that reason, they were really surprised about how eclectic our wedding was. Every room in Deity Events had a magical feeling to it.

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah3835Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0771Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah3984Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0832Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0834Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah4010Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah0686Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah4502Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah4368Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah4370

“Jamal was our Wedding DJ for the evening and he did exactly what we wanted – no more no less. The staff was like a family and just treated us very well from the time we met to go over options to the very end when we were packing up all the stuff after the wedding. There are not enough things to say about how the staff made our event as magical as it was. The catering was sophisticated as well. We enjoyed the family style food option which made the mood more intimate. Some of the menu items that were really superb were the mac and cheese, lobster rolls, and ceviche.”

Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah4662Deity NYC Dennis and Rinah4751


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