NYC Wedding Prep

In light of Valentine’s Day being yesterday. We want to talk a little bit about self care for the brides and grooms having a wedding at Deity. As a wedding venue we try to do everything we can to take away the stress that comes from the logistics of your wedding. However, the case seems to always be that stress comes from outside factors, so here are a few tips for taking care of yourself before your NYC Wedding. (Read more about how to mentally prepare for your NYC Wedding.

With all the energy that goes into planning a New York City wedding it’s so easy to lose sight of the the true meaning. Fear not, here’s some tips to help you feel confident, relaxed and allow your big day to run just as you imagined.

IMG_3012 (1)

  1. Make sure you take transportation into account months before hand. Not to add another thing to your list, but you won’t want to be responsible for helping 100 or so of your guests around NYC when you have more important things to worry about. Did you know Uber has event services? Share Uber event services or other ride sharing apps before they get into town, so they aren’t so flustered with the fast moving pace of the city when they are trying to get to various locations.

  2. Guys! It’s about you too. We want everyone to look and feel their best including the fellas. We always joke that women have our great big bridal suite, but men can pretty much do a quick change anywhere. In all seriousness, your significant other wants you to look and more importantly feel your best as well. Try to use some hair product months before even if your new to ‘man-tenance.’

    Deity Brooklyn Wedding 5

  3. Take some time for yourself to relax and explore. If you’re a NYC native be a tourist for a day with your significant other and make it feel like a ‘staycation.’ pexels-photo-374710

  4. We suggest picking a photographer who knows the area like Le Image to schedule pictures at some of the city’s most iconic spots such as the Brooklyn Bridge or some of the cool urban backdrop around Brooklyn. Let the professionals do the work on this one so your not plotting spots for photos when you should be relaxing.

Deity Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Plan ahead, stay calm, but most importantly have fun and enjoy saying “I do” to the love of your life!



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