A Brooklyn Wedding makes a Family of Three

Brooklyn bride Laura walked down the runway, oops I mean aisle, at Deity this Fall. Their wedding looked like a styled shoot! Laura is not only a sweetheart, but her party was fun and her custom deserts were adorable and tasty! We wanted to ask her about her day at Deity and how she made her wedding day effortlessly exquisite. Below are her words about how she planned a picturesque day. 

Deity Brooklyn Wedding

The only requirement I had for a successful wedding day was the presence of my best friend, my husband-to-be, my everything. Ricky and I continued to remind ourselves along the way of our planning experience that, as long as we had each other, everything else was a bonus. This is also a motto we carry with us in life. This mentality kept everything light and fun and beautiful. Many family members and friends would ask if we were stressed or nervous or overwhelmed and I was able to answer assuredly that the only emotion we were feeling was excitement and gratitude.

Deity Brooklyn Wedding

Our carefree attitude was also thanks in large part to choosing Deity as our venue. We were looking for a unique space to hold our friends and family that was also quintessentially Brooklyn. We made appointments at a few venues to weigh our options and cancelled every single one after seeing what Deity had to offer. Both Ricky and I choked back tears when we saw the second floor space for the ceremony as we could instantaneously see ourselves meeting there in its beautiful light. After we made our decision of where, the how became even easier. Deity’s list of recommended and trusted vendors was our go to reference point.
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
We started with Reverend Annie Lawrence. We met with her on a summer afternoon to discuss what type of ceremony we wanted and were immediately touched by her sincerity, warmth and ability to highlight our journey and our love within minutes of meeting us. We were also excited at the possibility of designing a day that fit our exact wishes whether it was incorporating spiritual, religious and/or cultural practices. Every time we met with Annie I would cry tears of absolute joy because she has an innate ability to reach into the heart and bring out the deepest of feelings.
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Next, choosing our photographer was simple. Le Image’s website was easy to navigate and we were able to customize a package that fit our needs and budget. Their prices were competitive and fair. The wedding photos were creative yet timeless. Nikola and his team were able to capture memories that we are now able to relive continuously.  The compliments from loved ones on the beauty of the pictures is through the roof.
We opted to have a one hour engagement shoot where we met our photographer Nikola in Red Hook. Involving Ricky’s daughter and my soon-to-be step daughter was an absolute must for us, not only in the pictures, but in the entire process. Nikola and Mia became best friends immediately. He let her take pictures with his camera and made her feel special and soon she was telling everyone where and how to pose. We had a blast and it resulted in the most beautiful family photographs that we will cherish forever.
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Eka at Edelweiss Floral Atelier knew exactly what we wanted without much explanation needed on our part. I told her the esthetic that I was looking for and the theme; beautiful and understated. She and her team designed the most gorgeous flower arrangements that fused well with the  decor at Deity and reflected us in color and style. Besides her talent, she is hands down so kind and lovely to work with.
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Katie at Buttermilk Bakeshop brought our ideas to life. Instead of a cake, we would have a cake pop tower as per the request of our 4 year old and sitting at the top would be our designated edible superheroes. The flavors of the cake pops were delectable and the ombré color scheme was chic. To add to our desserts, we selected mini pies and their unicorn cheesecake is still something I dream about; absolutely delicious. They also provided us with our wedding favors—cookies! They helped us share our favorite flavors with all our guests.
From start to finish Yulia at Deity made sure that everything was worry free and perfect. Literally, every hair on my head was in place because of her and her team. She worked behind the scenes to ensure that our wedding ran smoothly. When we arrived at the jaw-dropping gorgeous bridal suite the night before we were greeted by Yulia and a drink of our choice. She was available by text at all times for any questions that we had during our day. She was always smiling, cool, calm and collected. Everyone was at ease knowing a master of her craft was at work. Even if something had gone awry, which it did not, I trusted Yulia to handle everything. Time seemed to stop that day. We were never rushed or hurried or even aware of a precise pacing at all. Yulia took care of timing so we could be present and in our most happiest moments.
Deity Brooklyn Wedding
Lastly, DJ Trauma delivered exactly the right kind of music to keep everyone, young and old, on their feet and dancing the night away. When we met with him prior to our big day the one request was, music that makes everyone feel good, have fun and dancing irresistible. He knew exactly what to do to keep our energy upbeat. DJ Trauma transitioned nicely from our ceremony and cocktail band, the SIJ Trio, who filled the house with talent, class and delightful melodies.
When I’m asked the question, “How did it go? What did you think of your wedding?” I respond by saying it was way more than anything I could have ever dreamed up. Love oozed out of my bones that day and every day since. I love being being able to call Ricky and little Mia my official family and my forever home. And I will live in gratitude of all the family and friends and vendors who came together to share with us in the most special time of our lives.



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