Bucking Traditions in Brooklyn Weddings

If you’re a couple who finds themselves attending somewhere between a handful and a dozen weddings in a year and would hate to force your family and friends to attend yet another wedding for you, you might be in a wedding rut! Bucking some traditions for your wedding will help get you and your guests burst out of a wedding rut. Here are our tips to making sure your wedding is anything but standard.

  1. Nix the typical hotel ballrooms. I know what you’re thinking, “duh.” However, it tends to be very easy to veer towards a Ballroom once your start the wedding tours yourself. Humans are creatures of habit, so we don’t blame you. Instead try for a unique venueDeity NYC Venue- The Loft, versatile dinner space 2
  2. Instead of deciding between an outdoor wedding or indoor wedding hall. Try to bring something from the outside in such as flowers, a tree, or make sure there is natural light from windows or sky lights. Deity Brooklyn Wedding 6
  3. Pick a venue with a story. At Deity an artful renovation to a 150-year-old building brings a boutique ambience to every celebration. Originally built in the mid-1800s, Deity’s Building was a Synagogue throughout the early 1900s.bamweddings-22
  4. Adding countless DIY touches to the space is not always worth your time. Pick a venue with character. Local Brooklyn artists created original art for the event space including custom stained glass, Goddess Light fixtures, an iron branch gate, and a Tree of Life centerpiece. Deity Brooklyn Wedding2
  5. Choose a catering menu with a twist. Maybe an Asian twist or splurge for some comfort food like a Belgian Fry Bar, Grilled Cheese Bar or Kansas City Style BBQ Smoked Chicken Thighs with a side of Mac and Cheese will satisfy your guests’ taste buds.  Brooklyn Catering
  6. Skip the cake. A nontraditional desert instead of a Wedding Cake such as Donuts or custom designed chocolates are easy and just as delicious.Deity Brooklyn  wedding
  7. Make it a party with an outstanding DJ and a designated area where you can dance like there is no tomorrow.  Deity NYC Venue- The Cellar, for Dancing, DJ and Band 1Deity Brooklyn Wedding1
  8. Don’t forget the personal touch. Ultimately your guests are there to see you on the happiest day of your life. Don’t forget its about celebrating who you are as a couple.Deity Brooklyn Wedding

Planning a wedding that is original can be daunting to plan as you struggle between wanting your big day to be memorable, but not memorable for the wrong reasons and how to have your wedding fall somewhere in between not  basic and over the top. Let Deity help you find the middle ground to bring to life your custom wedding.



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