Surprise! It’s a Brooklyn Wedding.

Alix Strauss, from the New York Times shares that surprise weddings are on the rise. We recognize the trend as part of the rise in creative non-traditional weddings and elopements.  Not only does Deity love unique wedding styles, but we will keep your secret 😉

We can see that there are some very attractive reasons to have a surprise wedding. The owners of Deity got married with a surprise wedding of their own, but that was over 10 years ago, so let’s just say we were a little ahead of the curve. Since then, we have had another hand full of surprise weddings and we love the anticipation of them. Simone Hill, writer from The Knot sourced the most popular reasons to keep your wedding day a secret:

  1. Guests can’t ask you all the questions you’re too stressed to answer.
  2. There’s less pressure to make it formal.
  3. You’ll save some money (especially on invites).

We talked to a few couples that decided to zip their lips about their big day to offer some tips on ting the knot in such an unconventional way.

Tip #1
Pick one secret keeper – someone to tell your plans to and to bounce ideas off of. Planning your wedding is an incredibly exciting thing and will be made easier to have a person to talk to about it! You have to keep it to one because otherwise your secret is out and that is hard to get back.
Photo by Cynthia Chung 
Tip #2
Make sure your vendors know that it’s a surprise, they can help facilitate the secret.
Tip #3
Make sure your photographer is ready! The results of the photos of surprised faces can be priceless!
Photo by Cynthia Chung 
Be okay with a potential fall out. Not everyone will be happy to have not been in the know and you have to be okay with that. Your true friends will be happy for you at the end of the day, regardless because they are celebrating with you on your special day. Everyone else who choose to be pissy about not knowing ahead of time are choosing to focus on themselves rather than you.
Tip #5
Choose your date that represents another important occasion, so it’s more believable. We went with my husband’s birthday.
Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 2.05.46 PM
Also be okay that some of your desired guests may be late or may not make it. If they don’t know it’s your wedding, they may not try as hard to attend and you’ll have to make the call whether to let them in on the secret or not have them attend all together. We accepted that several invited guests would not make it and kept our secret anymore to retain the integrity of the event.
 Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 2.06.11 PM
The greatest part of having a surprise wedding is that there is not one right way to do it or any expectations. However you chose to plan (or not plan) is completely up to you!
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