Deity Location, Transportation and Parking

Transportation is a big aspect of enjoying New York City and Brooklyn. When you’re planning an event with a full weekend of festivities for friends and family, especially if most guests are from out of town, transportation becomes a big concern to most parties. When it comes to weddings and events, the first impression is something you don’t have a second chance at. Rolling up in an elegant limousine or stylish car shows that the details matter.

rolls2 (1)

When you’re with friends or planning a birthday party, a party bus is perfect for a group of passengers to dance and socialize while enjoying features like professional sound systems with streaming options. A party bus is a fun way to get to your ceremony to reception area or from Deity to your after party!

40passbus1 (1).jpg

40passbus2 (1).jpg

Deity is within walking distance to nearly ten hotels in Brooklyn as well as the major subway lines. If you’re looking to continue the party after leaving, you have a ton of options to consider! How about ending the night on a sweet note at the local bakery, Doughnut Planet? They have an amazing array of delectable artisan donuts. If you’re looking for a spot with great drinks, you can’t go wrong with checking out the happy
hour at Dick and Jane’s Bar, or having an after party at the Royal Palms, or back at the cool hotel bar at the 1 Hotel at Brooklyn Bride Park.

Deity NYC Venue- Exterior 2.jpg

Planning an event in New York City doesn’t have to be tough! Whether it’s a corporate event, a bar or bat mitzvah, or a milestone such as a birthday or wedding, the venue in which it takes place is extremely important. It’s not enough for a venue to simply be visually pleasing. The team behind the venue has to be equally as invested in creating an amazing experience for yourself and your guests. Perhaps one of the biggest factors is finding a location that works for your guests and still makes it personal that reflects you.

Deity is lucky enough to be located near 5 parking garages within two blocks of our venue. There is also generous street parking in front of the venue on Atlantic Avenue by 6:30PM. Pay to Park meters turn off at 7:00PM. If you are interested in valet we can recommend Parks Pro. We looked into a valet cost for you and here is what we heard.

Base price for men is $1000 includes, 1 Supervisor and 2 runners for 6 hours
Additional rate per hour
Supervisor 32.50 per hour
Runners     22.50     per hour 
Then we would charge $25 per car.
With a wedding of 100 people you should have around 20 cars. 
Valet personal  $1000
Estimate 20 cars     $  500
Total         $1500

Looking for transportation? Head over to

Looking for Valet only? Chat with Ian at Parks Pro.




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