Something Borrowed in NYC

Ellen, who describes herself as a “very non-traditional bride” met Sylvia of Via Calligraphy and brought a long standing tradition that originated in Toronto, Ontario to NYC, to share good vibes through a “bad-ass jacket” that we got to debut at Deity, our Brooklyn Venue!
When Ellen got married a year ago in a non-traditional way with a surprise wedding, (something we have lots of experience with here at Deity) she wanted to retain some classic, white wedding touches.
After her magical day, the proceeding year had a total of 13 weddings in which she was an attendant of. At many of these weddings she shared her wedding veil and wedding jewelry to several other brides. “The feeling of gratitude that came from sharing the good vibes from my own wedding with my bride friends is difficult to describe and I knew I wanted to continue sharing the good vibes,” says Ellen.
When Ellen connected with Sylvia of Via Calligraphy, she knew Sylvia’s project in Toronto of sharing this jacket would be the perfect avenue to share the good wedding vibes in NYC. Deity hopes to be a part of this too by providing the non-traditional and unique venue for these cool chic brides to wear this jacket!
IMG_3012 (1)
Sylvia originally created her wedding jacket as a way of injecting her edgy style into her intimate courthouse wedding and has since shared her jacket with over 30 Toronto brides. While Ellen unfortunately did not get to wear the jacket at her own wedding, She is happy to be bringing this sharing project to New York and share it with other bad-ass brides in the area.
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.06.29 AM
 Photo by- Kir Tuben of @kir2ben
We are happy to have had the infamous Jacket at Deity as part of our recent styled shoot, but we hope it makes it’s way back many more times worn by our stylish brides on their big day!
About the Project: 
#thejustmarriedjacketnyc project is so unique and wholesome because we pride ourselves in having only one original jacket in each location, to be worn by a different bride week to week and never to be recreated. It is a not for profit project and the jacket is loaned out in exchange for a bottle of wine, which really highlights the project’s desire to spread good vibes and build a community of badass brides.
To wear the jacket contact:
To snag this jacket for your wedding day. You can reach Ellen through email- or message her on Instagram @designsbyellen_

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